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Find out how to eliminate chemical detergents forever with active oxygen and silver ion technology.


Did you know that 90% of the energy used by the washing machine is used to heat the water? Hot water is necessary in washing with detergents to dissolve dirt and allowing surfactants to "stick" to its fat component.

With OXYGENIO you don't need hot water because it is based on the oxidation process of Active Oxygen, on the bactericidal action of silver ions and on UV sterilisation: all processes that take place in COLD! 

Think... you can save 90% of the energy…


To do the laundry you don't just use detergent. Detergent, fabric softener, sanitising additive, descaler, colour-saving sheets, on average 3/4 different products are used for each laundry!

and how much do you spend?

Let's imagine the monthly cost of a family of 4 for the purchase not only of detergents but of all the products that are used monthly to do the laundry, calculated at average market prices: £31.70 per month! £380 per year!

With OXYGENIO you get better results and save forever!


Eliminate the risk of chemical residues on fabrics. Although they are developed and tested to be as safe as possible, detergents, to ensure a good cleansing action, are irritating to the skin. Traces of chemical residues can remain "trapped" between the fibers of the fabrics - just as sometimes organic traces of dirt remain! and remain in contact with the skin for most of the time through clothes, sheets, towels causing sensitivity, redness and itching. Modern washing machines are designed to consume much less water (even 2 and a half times less), which means a shorter and less effective rinse. In addition, research on the responsible use of detergents shows that we often use too much or too badly! The skin is our largest organ and is permeable, absorbs the substances to which it is exposed and transports them into the bloodstream. This is how many medicines work: such as ointments and patches. In fact, the so-called "washing dermatitis" are on the rise but OXYGENIO does not leave residues or traces, since it does not use chemicals, but natural processes of oxidation and bactericidal sterilisation.

No chemicals are circulating inside the washing machine!


The fibers do not undergo the aggressive action of chemical detergents. Has it happened in the last year to take a felted, gray, discoloured, or bad-smelling garment out of the washing machine? How many times EVEN AFTER WASHING, do some garments continue to give off the smell of sweat and you can't put them on anymore? With OXYGENIO, your garments remain soft, last longer and keep the colours bright and new, not being subjected to chemical actions and high temperatures. In addition, the triple disinfection system of OXYGENIO eliminates 100% fungi and bacteria, responsible for bad smells: your clothes will smell fresh and clean!


Make a real contribution to the future of our planet. The problem of pollution is serious and real: every year in the UK 500,000 tons of detergents are discharged, so much so that our coasts are polluted every 150 km! According to the European Union "detergents are the third largest source of dispersion of phosphates after agriculture and sewers and the most invasive are detergents for washing machines". Chemicals are toxic substances for the life of the sea and also for humans. To these are added 4 kg per capita of plastic bottles thrown away every year. These too end up in the sea and go back, through the fish that ingest them! From studies of the Polytechnic University of the Marche it emerges that "in 30 percent of fish collected in the Adriatic, among the commercial species, microplastics are found". OXYGENIO is the only answer to the TOTAL ELIMINATION of detergents!

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