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Oxygenio redefines the concept of cleanliness.

Bacteria, virus, mould, unpleasant odours, pet hair, chemicals that cause allergies, illnesses, the waste of hot water, mouldy washing machines, pollutants and more. We are here to show you that there is a healthier, safer and smarter way to do laundry.

Thanks to Oxygenio it is possible to have a device directly at home that can effectively wash delicate fabrics and garments at low temperatures. The technology used is an inexhaustible one, for this reason it is possible to carry out countless washes from the comfort of your own home without having to apply chemical detergents.

Made entirely in Italy, Oxygenio is a device that connects to the water inlet hose of the washing machine and allows you to wash and disinfect the laundry in the washing machine eliminating 99% of bacteria and chemicals, all to the benefit of the environment and economic savings.

Through a patented technology that effectively combines natural elements such as active oxygen (ozone), silver nanoparticles, UV rays and cold or low temperature water, Oxygenio in fact allows you to obtain a clean, disinfected and allergen-free laundry completely ecological way.


Ecology and other performances are enclosed in a single device that allows to have cleaning efficiency, comparable to the cleaning obtained with countless conventional treatments. This innovation consists in washing with active oxygen, a colourless and unstable gas that oxidizes odors and microorganisms, such as viruses, molds and bacteria. Binding to the component to be degraded with optimal results in a completely ecological and natural way.


Oxygenio allows you to wash your clothes, both colored and delicate, always at low temperatures, always obtaining excellent results at a reduced cost. Reducing the consumption of hot water for washing leads to savings in utility costs and less damage to the fabric in your laundry. Another consequent benefit is the reduction of the wear of the appliance, which thanks to the lower washing temperature also prolongs the life of your machine.


Oxygenio allows you to have your clothes clean and sanitized. Thanks to its oxidising power, the oxygen contributes to preserving the natural white or color of clothing over time. The use of Oxygenio is advantageous to reduce the use of detergents and chemicals. In fact, the oxygen contained in the molecule allows you to remove stains, disinfect, clean and remove the dirt on the garments by disinfecting them naturally in cold water.


This technology has been in use for years in the United States and in other countries around the world to wash linen in hospitals, clinics and hotels. Thanks to Oxygenio it is finally available also for UK families to make washing machines at home safe and natural.

Through a widespread network of distributors, commercial technicians and qualified installers throughout the nation, Oxygenio offers complete assistance alongside the customer from the first request for information, free installation and post-sale support.



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