6 Tips to Identify the Quality of Furniture While Buying

6 Tips to Identify the Quality of Furniture While Buying

Understanding what constitutes good quality, sturdy, or well-made furniture is always helpful when planning to buy new furniture. With the help of these guidelines, you can spot high-quality furniture so that you are aware of what to search for and what to steer clear of when making future furniture purchases.

My Italian Living believes that a big part of the decision to acquire furniture entails time, money, and effort. Even though the furniture's quality has been constant throughout the years with us, this blog will help you distinguish between the good and the bad.

  1. Check strength

Look for furniture that is stable and strong. Whether you are shopping for contemporary dining furniture like a dining table and chair or living room furniture like a center table, TV unit, and sofa, be sure everything is leveled. In our store, we thoroughly inspect the furniture to make sure it provides sturdy base support, comfort during use, and is free from bends, cracks, and flutters.

  1. Quality of fabric

The fabric selection may be the factor that has the greatest impact on how long furniture will last. Sometimes you really need to look closely at the item (or description) when making an online purchase because it's easy to mistake a low-quality fabric for a higher-quality one. In our case, we provide fabric samples to customers' homes so they may decide on the fabric of the contemporary upholstered sofa or bed. You will find the exact fabric we promised while making a purchase.

  1. Know wood types

Solid wood tends to cost more than other types and looks fantastic, it can be vulnerable to scratches and water stains. Some of the furniture stores use composite wood and particleboard, which are essentially furniture industry leftovers. These pieces of furniture are the least expensive kind of wood and can look nice, but they won't last for many years. At My Italian Living, you would get modern sideboards, TV units, and other wooden furniture made up of veneers that are thin sheets of real wood.

  1. Go with the brands

Italian designer furniture companies make their products with quality, affordability, comfort, and durability in mind. We provide a warranty for our products, unlike non-brand local furniture dealers. You may get complete home furnishings at our store, including contemporary dining furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, hallway furniture, and much more, all from top-selling brands and backed by warranties.

  1. Consider cushion filling

Examine the filling in the upholstered furniture because better-wrapped furniture lasts longer, fluffs up more easily, and keeps its shape better. High-quality stuffing is utilized in our furniture to make sure that our contemporary upholstered sofa cushions, chairs, and sofas last as long as possible.

  1. Read the description

Before buying furniture do read the material and usage instructions carefully to determine the construction quality of the furniture. On our website, you can find the correct detailed description of the product listed in the store. We ensure that you would get what you are paying for.


As is common knowledge, furniture is an asset that does not need to be replaced frequently. Be careful while purchasing furniture, whether doing so locally or online. Since most furniture sellers don't follow through on their promises, it is imperative that you carefully check your purchase. Whether you choose a basic modern sideboard or a whole set of home furnishings from our online store, we guarantee the quality of the furniture. We follow a very strict quality control procedure, and we fulfill the promises we made at the time of purchase. Contact us if you have any questions about a purchase you're considering, and we'll respond to you with the answers.
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