Dead Space in a Living Room: 5 Ingenious Decor Ideas

Dead Space in a Living Room: 5 Ingenious Decor Ideas

Sometimes an empty space might seem just as strange as one that is crowded. Both having nothing in the area and having something that is obviously out of place might be unnerving. In particular, this is true in our living rooms. The living room is a space for the family to unwind and our gathering point for hosting guests. This room is used by most visitors to enter our home, so it must seem beautiful. No matter where they are, these holes have the potential to be unnerving. The following ideas from My Italian Living can help you fill in the blank spaces in your living room:

  1. Place potted plants in the room's corner to add greenery.

Large living rooms might feel a bit barren and lonely due to their tall ceilings. Tall plants provide a means to fill the heights of your room and give them a sense of freshness and liveliness. Simply arrange your plants on an Italian style console table on a vacant wall, behind the sofas, or in any other area that at the time seems a little vacant. You can even add plants on little floating shelves that you can hang on your walls to divide off spaces. 

  1. Make a comfortable reading space

Using wall dividers or partitions, large living rooms with plenty of space can be used to divide up regions for various activities. Reading rooms are a natural choice. Use our modern bookcase, a few plush armchairs, a rug to define the area, a small, round coffee table for your favorite books, and a beverage to help you get through them. You can decorate the shelves in a bookcase with everything you've gathered during your life's journey or while traveling the world, including plants, ornaments, periodicals, family photos, trophies, and mementos.

  1. Carve a workspace

Create a home office for use when working from home or for the kids to buckle down and finish their homework as another room-within-a-room option. Alcoves, once more, can be the perfect place for our contemporary office desk, but any wall can accommodate a thin table and chairs.

  1. Place a sculpture in your room.

Still, examining artistic ways to fill space? Drab and empty living room corners can be instantly transformed into a focus point by displaying a unique art sculpture there. A sculpture may instantly bring attention to an unexpected spot. They may be exhibited standing alone, on a pedestal, or as a component of an Italian style console table. Due to the infrequent visibility of one side, pick a piece that doesn't require multiple perspectives. Utilize illumination to make the most of your feature once it is installed.

  1. The surround-sound television

Wall-mounted TVs can appear very stark, but if you frame them with shelving, you can incorporate them into your general decorating style. This gives you extra storage and helps your TV fit in more quietly with the rest of the space. You can even incorporate modern bookcases and a TV unit to create a unique style in your living room.

Final thoughts

The living room should be furnished carefully because it is the largest space in the house. It is the most used visited area in the house and people spend most of the time in their living areas only. If your living area is underused even after adding basic furnishings, then apply these ideas to maximize the empty spaces. You can get decorative and practical furniture from My Italian living to update your home or make use of unwanted space.
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