Furniture Essentials for A Chic and Useful Living Room

Furniture Essentials for A Chic and Useful Living Room

The living room is unquestionably the soul of the house, and the right furnishings and decor can make a room feel warm, tranquil, and family-friendly. In addition to keeping it cozy and comforting, you should also give it a little flair. If this is your first time furnishing this space, you should first be aware of the necessary items. It will look more inviting with some lovely accessories, but it is best to do things slowly. In this blog, we will explain the key pieces of furniture you should acquire from our selection of contemporary living room furniture. So let us start:


With a few exceptions, it is a necessary piece of furniture in any home. This kind of furniture can be a regular two- or three-person sofa, an L-shaped couch, a U-shaped couch, or just a chaise lounge. Additionally, several components are modular, allowing you to choose the side of the chaise by altering the arrangements. View our selection of sofas, which includes models like the Plaris Sofa with Chaise by Comfort, the Poldo Modern Sectional Sofa by Dall'Agnese Furniture, or the Contemporary Italian 3 Seater Sofa Bresson by Domingo Salotti. There are numerous ways to make a statement with our couch upholstery, including tufted leather, eye-catching velvet, and vintage tweed.

Coffee table

You must get a coffee table once you have decided on your seating arrangement. Although using classic rectangular patterns is never a terrible idea for that statement look, you can go for rounded forms, asymmetrical items, or modern silhouettes for that chic appeal. Additionally, models with built-in drawers or shelving, and extendable coffee tables are available at My Italian Living, which is a huge plus for tiny homes with limited storage.

TV units

If your living room has a TV, you will need a media unit, which comes in a variety of designs to accommodate the unique requirements of contemporary homes. This furniture, which includes floating shelves, cabinets, open shelves, or a combination of all three, can store cable, media units, remote controls, internet routers, or speakers. For further inspiration, have a look at the styles of media units in our drop-down section of contemporary living room furniture.


If you enjoy reading and have room in your living room for a dedicated area for your books, choose a fashionable bookshelf with a clear front display to showcase your collection. If space is limited, you can display your book collection on either side of the media unit, though. Browse our e-catalog for comprehensive details.

Large cabinets

It is a free-standing, cabinet-equipped storage container. It resembles a hybrid of a dresser and a media cabinet. One can be used as your media console or positioned behind your couch or up against a wall. Although large cabinets and bookshelves aren't strictly necessities for a living area, it's a good idea to incorporate at least a few storage options. The Dall'Agnese furniture collection, which offers extra storage in the living room for storing household necessities like the glass-up storage unit or code 11 large storage cabinets, can be used as a guide.

To sum up

Unquestionably, furniture is an essential part of every indoor gathering area. But you'll need to add a few living room decorations and décor items to make it look warm, stylish, and full of characters like drapes, rugs, lighting, wall art, baskets, side tables, mirrors, accent pieces, and much more. Explore My Italian Living online store to discover the furniture and accessories that can enhance the look and functioning of your home.

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