Hints To Furnish Awkwardly Shaped Bedrooms

Hints To Furnish Awkwardly Shaped Bedrooms

It is usually simple to furnish a space that is the correct shape of a square or rectangle with straight walls, ceilings, and corners. The majority of furniture is created while keeping in mind the typical room layout. Sloping ceilings, attic areas, and alcoves are common features in homes that don't allow for perfectly formed rooms, though. These factors make creating such rooms challenging. The designer furniture at My Italian Living, however, will luckily enable you to combine the special aspect of your bedroom into new designs. Let us hare with the insider secrets for maximizing a bedroom's awkwardly shaped floor space.

Choose custom-made furniture

It can be very challenging to find freestanding bedroom furniture when a room is strangely shaped but installing our made-to-measure furniture like modern storage beds, tallboy units or chest of drawers might make things much simpler for you. Given that fitted furniture is manufactured to order, it may be installed in just about any place in your bedroom, regardless of its size or shape. For instance, fitted wardrobes are great for alcoves and can help you maximize this otherwise useless floor space.

Use colors wisely

There are many various methods to employ color, and when decorating a bedroom with an odd shape, you should try to do so. In rooms with unusual shapes, light and neutral color choices generally work best and can help to prevent any dark and gloomy corners. While buying modern bedroom furniture use lighter colors of fabric or finishes that will help give the impression that your bedroom is larger because they reflect light. Remember to have several sources of light in your bedroom as well, and look for creative solutions to cleverly illuminate odd spaces.

Point out any odd characteristics.

You can take advantage of your bedroom's inconvenient aspects since they are often among the most eye-catching. Make a statement with the imperfections in your room rather than trying to cover them up or mask them, and always include them in your bedroom decor. Highlighting the elements mentioned above is a much better choice, whether you develop a stunning wardrobe space in an alcove or stylish storage under your sloped ceiling.

Play smart with storage options

Even though the bedroom's shape is beyond your control, you can install smart furniture in your room to add extra storage space by buying custom-made furniture from our online store. Check out our selection of modern storage beds, which offer useful under-bed storage for necessities like blankets, bed sheets, and occasionally used clothing. Install our floating shelves or floating units on the wall to store necessities if you don't have much floor room for bedside cabinets or chests of drawers. Please inform us of your precise storage needs, and we will provide fitted furniture that meets your needs.

Take expert advice

Designing the awkward-shaped bedroom on your own would not work out and will lead to bad buying decisions. Alternatively, enlist the services of our interior designers, who have expertise working in bedrooms with alcoves and/or sloping ceilings, positioning them to best assist you in optimizing the available space. Additionally, they will have a unique perspective and a ton of ideas for the style and designs of modern bedroom furniture that you would never have considered.

To conclude further...

Contact our experts at My Italian Living if you are seeking help to design your new master bedroom. No matter how oddly shaped your space may be, our professionals can work with you to build a bedroom that is ideal for it. We specialize in high-quality fitted bedroom furniture. When it comes to planning and furnishing your bedroom, you will be in good hands with our professional interior designers because we have a ton of expertise in creating original solutions for homeowners.

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