How To Create A Living Room Storage With Sideboards

How To Create A Living Room Storage With Sideboards

Looking for additional storage ideas in the living room? The sleek, stylish, and contemporary sideboard is here from My Italian living. Traditionally, sideboards were used as a buffet in dining rooms but now they have become a versatile piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere around the house including bedrooms and hallways. In a nutshell, sideboards can be used in practically any part of the house to uplift the décor apart adding functional usage.

Key pieces of mid-century modern furniture, like sideboards, instantly give a room a nostalgic vibe. And, lately, they have been popping up all over the house in a variety of strange places. Let us see how you can incorporate it in your living room in multiple ways:

To Create Home Office Space

Adding a sideboard to a home office area can clear up paper clutter‚ÄĒand ground the room. If your home office looks bland, you can opt for a sideboard with a lot of visual interest, like decorative and angular Geometry. Onda's white 4-door sideboard with engravings by¬†Dall'Agnese furniture¬†has a nice amount of visual weight that can add a sense of completeness to a room that needs a little something. The storage beneath can be used to stock up on office essentials.

To Display As A Media Console

Looking for a tidy home for your flat screen? The low-profile silhouette of a modern media unit makes it a great choice to house the TV. And choosing something with ample storage like our modern sideboard Opera Sideboard by Tonin Casa can also hide the various cords and other give a designated place to the WIFI box and other media units. It is an adaptable piece of furniture with a classic charm, thanks to the lacquer on the doors and the combination of the wooden body.

To Use It As A Mini Bar

By setting up a cocktail station on your sideboard, you may serve up a fresh spin on a classic dish. You can pick one with the ideal balance of style and swagger, like the Dot Glass Display Sideboard and Cabinet by Tonin Casa. It is an extremely versatile piece of furniture from our collection at our online furniture store with a perfect circle that acts as a wooden or porcelain handle that enhances the aesthetics of the transparent or fume glass doors.

To Store Toys

Put something sleek and streamlined in the toy pile to instantly tidy it. The BK07/2 Sideboard by Siloma available at My Italian Living makes the play area fashionable by combining a matt lacquered multi-color finish. Additionally, you can further organize toys by size and type using a combination of large cupboards and smaller drawers.

To Display 

Sideboards offer more than just essential living room storage; they also serve as a surface for displaying objects like lamps, pictures, and collections. Imagine your new furniture being housed in the precisely proportioned Glass Up sideboard by Dall' Agnese furniture, which will also serve as the focal point for your favorite wall art.

Final Thoughts

A modern sideboard is a terrific option for a novel approach to living room storage solutions. You would see sideboards in a completely new light by reconsidering their functions, from the practicality of more storage to the ornamental elegance of your preferred design resulting in an infinite number of alternatives. Browse our online Italian furniture store to explore a wide variety of sideboards from multiple brands in a variety of sizes, finishes, and colors.

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