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How To Create A Maximalist Look Around The Home?

We live inside the confines of our homes for most of our lives. Therefore, even though your home is your personal haven, it might get monotonous to live in the same space for an extended period of time. The best thing you can do is redesign your home's interior and experiment with all the custom designs you have always wanted. Experimenting with interior design is always more enjoyable. And so, here My Italian living is sharing some advice on maximalist interiors, one of the most popular interior design trends that have been popular for a long. This one is the ideal fusion of customization and contemporary design.

Let's look at how you might apply this distinctive and entertaining style to the interior of your home.

Consider the scale of patterns

The blending of patterns is one of the principles of maximalist fashion. Execution-wise, there's a narrow line to tread. It can take some trial and error to mix a pattern, therefore it's crucial to check your scale. So that the scales don't compete, limit some patterns to tiny places and others to large ones for example go for contemporary living room furniture in floral prints while for the bedroom go for another pattern.

Blend the old with the new

We all enjoy decorating our homes with modern and contemporary furniture, but some pieces of furniture have their own charm, such as traditional wrought iron beds with a dash of extra elegance. We haven't screwed with the old antique furniture, which still provides traditional charm, by adding contemporary furniture, such as modern sideboards, which are timeless. So incorporate new modernized design furniture with a little old piece of furniture to create that minimalist look.

Make a statement in an entryway

In addition to serving as a welcome environment, entryway concepts should convey something about the home and its owners. "Be bold," is my suggestion when it comes to treating modest entryway concepts in a magnificent manner. While our Italian-style console table that suits the space provides the chance to create busy vignettes, use strong colors to make a statement, and add flair.

Bring on Some Bohemian Decors

Bohemian furnishings and décor have an effortlessly stylish appeal that enhances the design of the house. The layering of components is essential for creating minimalist rooms. Making ensuring that the pace doesn't become overly packed during that process is crucial. The boho elements are therefore a wonderful choice for maximalist home decor you can buy from My Italian living because they are very simple to naturally stack up.

Display your prized possessions

Your unique collections and valued things can be displayed in a minimalist home using our contemporary living room furniture like bookcases, or wall-mounted shelves. Easily place your collection on an open shelf for optimum exposure, whether you enjoy collecting vintage crockery, vibrant postcards, guitars, or skateboards. Similar to how if you enjoy reading, you'll enjoy living a maximalist lifestyle. The maximalist décor encourages you to fill every shelf in your living room with every book you own, whereas other décor trends could place a limit on the number of books you can display. Even some books can be stacked on modern sideboards.


The use of maximalist décor in your home is the best approach to display your uniqueness. This decor trend is enjoying a well-earned moment in the spotlight because of its clashing patterns, wild color schemes, and remarkable (and large) collections of artifacts.

The maximalist design has been popular in the design world for decades, and for good reason. Maximalist decorating concepts are simple to use in the home with the right selection of furniture from My Italian living.
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