My Italian Living- Savior of All Homes

My Italian Living- Savior of All Homes

In these modern times, everything revolves around the furniture when we think about designing. The furniture we choose to put in decides the complete aura, look and elegance of the room.  The people nowadays have a more refined mindset towards the design, style and innovation they want to inculcate in their furniture. Whatever is it that you want you will find it all from My Italian Living. The team in our company is trained to design intricate pieces with unique designs in contemporary styles. 

All together it will give your room a very exclusive look. Do you know how modern sideboards & designer bar stools placed in the correct way can give your room a brand new look. 

Match Your Room with the Perfect Sideboards and Bar Stools

Don't just regard the furniture pieces in your room as mere wood chunks. If you make the right choices, they will complete each other's look and make a huge difference in the vibe of your place. At My Italian Living Design nothing would disappoint you. In Fact the level of creativity we show will make you want to purchase even more from us. The variety of designs and structures they have will be difficult to choose from even after narrowing down the list. Let us see what one should consider before making the purchase. 

What to Consider When purchasing Sideboards and Barstools

  • Height: It plays a very important part. After all you wouldn't want to sit on bar stools with leg dangling. It's quite uncomfortable for obvious reasons. Also sideboards with too much height aren't practically reasonable. Make your choice wisely considering all the conditions.
  • Design: The design of both sideboard and bar stools all together should complement the design of other furniture present in the room. My Italian Living always makes sure of this. Our officials will even help you to mix and match the pieces and give an exhilarating outlook
  • Width: The width of the pieces is as important as the height. Too much of any of them will block the way and won’t give off a good look to the area. Choose narrow sideboards and sleek bar stools if the room is relatively small. Just make sure it is big enough to fulfill the purpose you bought it for.
  • Capacity: This one factor points to the question “How many do you need to fit in the room?” For instance if you need to fit in 4 barstools at a particular place then you will have to find the right size in which you need to fit it all. Same goes for the modern sideboards.


The above are some points that will help you when you make the purchase. You can always look forward to some simple suggestions and opinions stated by our employees. They are also well trained and equipped with the trend and fashion tastes going around. So you can rest assured and take leads from their suggestions without a second thought to it. You can even refer to our website for more details and call us in case of any doubts or issues. 

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