Why Is Built-In Storage Better Than Under-Storage in Beds?

Why Is Built-In Storage Better Than Under-Storage in Beds?

Every family aspires to have a spacious home. People frequently purchase separate storage pieces like sideboards and cabinets, but with My Italian Living furniture, you can maximize the room's available space by purchasing pieces that have several uses and also double as storage.

Your choice of bed, as the focal point of your bedroom, will determine the design and arrangement of the space. But did you realize that a bed might also free up some room? Choose a double or single bed with storage to make the most of unused bedroom space and make a place for your daring bedroom designs. 

In-built storage versus under storage

In many bedrooms, the space under the normal bed remains unused which people often use to slide some storage boxes beneath. This would give a dedicated place to some of your belongings that you hardly use. But this system comes with many disadvantages compared with our modern storage bedsLet us see how:

Normal beds give a lot of open space beneath to store things but are difficult and annoying to access, while dedicated built-in storage gives the flexibility to access the full space under the bed with ease.

Storing things underneath the bed will be visible to everybody in the room or from outside and will look untidy whereas our storage beds are contemporary bedroom furniture that not only allows systematic storage but also eliminates the unsightly appearance of the room.

Even though you regularly clean up the furniture and the floor beneath it, the clutter stored underneath the bed more often catches stuff and increases your work. However, built-in storage keeps your things tidy, hidden, and free from dust.

Getting things out of the bed and getting them again is a tedious task especially when you have elderly people at home who can’t bend regularly to take out the stuff from underneath the bed. On the other hand, our modern storage beds are easy to lift with an air gas lift mechanism that anybody can use with little or no effort to access the inner bed areas.

People having small space in their bedrooms often buy storage beds ranging from single to double beds. Our modern beds with in-built storage can help you keep the floors, drawers, desks, and wardrobes free of unwanted clutter while the navigation inside the room would be better.

Keeping clutter in the area under the bed makes the room feel unclean. Under ancient Feng shui principles, there should be nothing under your bed to allow "qi," or energy, to flow freely. If there is clutter underneath the bed, the positive energy flow in the bedroom is obstructed, which causes your qi to become trapped. So invest in contemporary bedroom furniture to bring positive energies around the home.

To gain maximum under-bed storage space, a bed that incorporates built-in storage is a good choice as it will use the entire under-bed area, unlike roll-out drawers that are unlikely to be an exact fit. So if you are browsing new bed ideas, think of purpose-designed storage beds.


No matter how big or small the house, storage is always needed. Even though one can compensate for the necessity for storage by bringing home additional furniture items, every modern home prefers to bring home adaptable furniture. My Italian Living meets all current household needs and provides you with furniture that is not only useful but also upscale for your interior design. Browse our e-catalog now and find the best furniture that best fits your needs.

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