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Hammered Bowl with High-Shine Finish

Normaalihinta £43.00
Normaalihinta £48.00 Myyntihinta £43.00
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An accent piece with a modern flair and industrial-inspired elements, our hammered bowl adds a touch of contemporary sophistication to any interior decor. Whether displayed on its own or adorned with vibrant flowers and greenery, this waterproof planter effortlessly elevates the ambiance of any living space. Its glossy finish brilliantly captures and reflects light, adding an extra touch of elegance.

Technical Info:

  • Type: Bowl
  • UV stable
  • Waterproof
  • Premium quality
  • Material: Iron
  • Dimensions:
    • 19cm: L 19 H 14 W 19 cm
    • 30cm: L 30 H 21 W 30 cm
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days

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