5 Furniture Mistakes That Make Your Living Room Appear Cluttered

5 Furniture Mistakes That Make Your Living Room Appear Cluttered

The living room is the focal point of the house which is most accessible and seen by the family members and visitors. However, it should be comfortable, welcoming, and spacious enough to accommodate free movement. People often stuff their living area with furniture unknowingly and it becomes overly packed which gives the appearance of an overcrowded house. My Italian Living has enlisted a few mistakes that you need to avoid while buying furniture for your house.

Let us have a glance:

1.Putting oversized furniture in a space

This might be a huge problem in some homes and apartments to purchase excessive furniture. Even if you purchase furniture to fit everyone in the house, it could not be the right size for the room. Large furniture uses up more floor space, making a room appear smaller. The house may appear cluttered and have limited movement space. Rather, spend your money on furniture that can be extended, such as our extendable console dining table or extendable coffee table, which will conserve space while also serving the dual goal of accommodating more people as needed.

2.Not enough room for storage

Are your living room and another part of the house always filled with books lying here and there? Or do toys always keep lying in some corner? Or does a pile of newspapers and magazines always stay on the center table? Or do you need to locate the TV remote every time you decide to watch TV? Well, in that case, your living room is lacking proper storage. The quick fix is to invest in storage furniture like our Modern TV units with drawers, cabinets and shelves, bookcases, and sleek modern sideboard. 

3.Excessive furniture

Placing a lot of furniture in your living space is one of the main causes of crowded living rooms. Invest in multipurpose furniture instead of buying specialized pieces for a certain purpose, like our extendable console dining table, which can operate as a stunning console table and transform it into a dining table when necessary. Another example would be to spend money on a couch bed so that you can later accommodate an unexpected visitor. To prevent turmoil in the house, make a wise choice while purchasing furniture.

4.No space to sit

If you take the time to tidy the clutter when an unexpected visitor drops by, your living room may appear a little claustrophobic. Give your home's trinkets a designated spot with smart furniture nearby. A modern TV unit in the living room serves the aim of keeping items that would otherwise be left lying around without a home.

5.Much too many chairs

People frequently purchase different chairs for the dining room, kitchen countertops, and bars, taking up a lot of space throughout the home and making an unsightly sight. Instead of buying separate seats for different spaces, purchase bar stools from My Italian Living online store that serve the dual purposes of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the home and adding usefulness while looking stylish. By doing so you can establish a fresh air environment throughout the house and prevent over-stuffing the furnishings.

Final thoughts

Unintentionally, people occasionally purchase furniture as and when the need arises. We frequently end up maintaining the wrong furniture, which leads to cluttering the home, because buying new furniture is an investment, and giving away the old furniture does not seem right. You may buy a range of furnishings from our online store, including modern sideboards, contemporary bookcases, storage coffee tables, and much more, that satisfy storage needs while making your living space appear roomy enough.

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