How Can I Pick The Right Home Office Desk?

How Can I Pick The Right Home Office Desk?

Many of us eventually use a regular desk or a dining table as our home office for laptop use. Isn’t? Any quiet area of your home would be a suitable location for a home office that might even be your guest bedroom or dining space in its entirety or only a section of it. Invest in a sturdy, functional contemporary office desk to keep the room clean and clutter-free. A desk you buy must support your health and productivity. At home, you can choose a workstation that meets all of your needs; however, there may be limitations on how you can customize your area at the workplace.

Gain insightful tips through this blog to select the ideal work desk for your home office.

Size of the desk

Purchase a large table with plenty of shelving if your home office is roomy. Consider a corner desk that will fit neatly in a corner and allow you to tuck your chair underneath if you need to squeeze a worktable into a small space. 

A workstation that is right for your body

Consider the following points while buying an office desk online from our ‘My Italian Living designer furniture store:

  • While using the desk, your arms and hands should rest parallel on a tabletop to the floor while writing or typing. 
  • Your legs should be able to fit comfortably under the desk with your feet resting flat on the ground.

Storage capacity

If you have too many things to keep on a table like, files, monitors, printers, stationery supplies, and piles of paper, you should go for a large table with more storage. Buy our sleek and modern office desks with storage from our contemporary living room furniture collection if you favor the minimalist style generally. A combination of closed drawers and an open shelf will be best for you in that case. 

Quality of the desk

Most tables are made of wood, and the kind of wood you choose could affect your work environment. For a more contemporary office desk that last years, select your desk in a combination of materials like using wood, metal, and glass that is available in various colors and finishes. Get the desired office desk design customized from our store in the material of your choice rather than opting for the cheapest material to save a few bucks.

Additional storage to disguise cable and wires

Holes or channels for cords are an excellent way to keep those pesky wires hidden. You could even have a hidden storage box mounted just under your table to store the unsightly wires and cables.


Working from home might become intolerable with a bad desk. So make sure to pick the right desk from My Italian Living that you would feel at ease working at for up to eight hours a day. Trust us even if it costs a bit more, you won't regret getting a comfortable desk. 

To sum up…

Make sure to contact our interior design specialists if you want to set up a workspace in your house. We work with you to create a modular office desk where you can select each component. It will appear more organic as a component of the decor if the materials are customized. Along with the desk get the rest of our contemporary living room furniture modified to meet your demands and aesthetic preferences.

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