How To Pick a Sofa Color That Will Entirely Change Your Living Room

How To Pick a Sofa Color That Will Entirely Change Your Living Room

Selecting a sofa for the living room can take some time. Consider the size, form, and materials that will be most useful in your circumstance. After determining all of that, another crucial decision must be the color of the sofa.

Even though it can seem unimportant, the color of your couch can have a significant impact on the appeal of your space. It also matters when it comes to cleaning your couch and whether it has wear and tear, pet hair, or fingerprints. When selecting the sofa color from our contemporary living room furniture consider your space's size as well. It should go well with the hues already present in the living room and any adjoining rooms. Be aware of the current color trends to stay current and make your home stylish for years to come.

Trending sofa colors for 2022

Certain bright sofa colors are trending right now and breathe new life into your living space. Visit My Italian Living store to check out the latest sofas in medium pinks, blues, reds, and deep greens to make a statement, but creams and greys never go out of style. While it is important to enjoy the style and material of your new sofa, you also need to make sure it fits our lifestyle. Creams, beiges, grays, and whites will be in vogue for a long time this year, but if you want to add a pop of color, use bright and pesky shades on sofa pillows/cushions.

Sofa colors for a small living room

The color you choose for your sofa can greatly impact the room’s perceived size. You don’t want your sofa to stick out too much because the eye will be immediately drawn to it. Buy a contemporary upholstered sofa in neutral shaded of light grey, ivory, or tan, and use colors to draw the eye up and out with things like curtains, wall decor, and lighting. 

How to decide on a sofa color

Before choosing a sofa color, you should have a few things in mind.

Determine who will use the sofa

A darker color that hides stains and pet hair less readily (and a material that is simple to clean) may make sense if you have small children or pets that you let on the couch. Although it is not necessary to choose the sofa fabric matching your pet's hair, don’t go for the ones that show dust and hair strands. Buy darker sofas from our Dall’Agnese furniture range as dark tones exhibit fewer signs of aging as compared to lighter tones.

Evaluate the remaining furnishings.

You might want to choose a sofa color that is more neutral, if your decor, flooring, carpets, or other furniture items have a lot of colors. On the other hand, if your decor is more neutral, getting a new contemporary upholstered sofa might be the ideal chance to add some color.

Conduct research

Do your research into the various sofa materials and colors. Discover variations in a variety of hues on our website My Italian Living. Just make sure you read the cleaning directions and are aware of the cleaning supplies to use on your sofa to prevent discoloration or fading.

Final thoughts

No matter what color it is, you should make sure you adore your contemporary living room furniture because it is an investment. After that, you can combine and match additional furniture and wall decorations that go well with it. Checkout our Dall’Agnese furniture collection to incorporate colors, fabrics, and textures of your choice buy a good sofa and add some character to your home by adding pillows or cushions in different color patterns

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