How to Pick the Best-Looking Sideboards and Bedside Cabinets

How to Pick the Best-Looking Sideboards and Bedside Cabinets

In the present day, there has been a full revolution in furniture designing. The trend, innovation, pattern, and outlook of consumers have changed drastically. My Italian Living is one such company that manufactures contemporary furniture pieces at reasonable prices. You just name it and you get it here!

The parts of the furniture are separately manufactured and the later on they are assembled, thereby giving an exclusive look altogether. Do you know how modern sideboards and modern bedside cabinets can change the entire look of your room? Let us see how!

Find a Perfect Sideboard and Bedside Cabinet for your Bedroom

Sideboards and cabinets are not just furniture pieces. By placing them against the wall, they competently do their job. They are as important as a bed. However, the main purpose of modern sideboards and modern bedside cabinets are to provide storage space as well as enhance the look of the room. They are wonderful examples of pleasant designs that reveal your personal style and choice.

At My Italian Living, you can come across ample of designs of sideboards and cabinets. No wonder, both these furniture pieces can do wonders in your room. Not just room, if you wish you can place a kitchen sideboard in your dining area and add wonderful functionality to your dining area. Having a modern sideboard in your kitchen gives you immense storage space. You can browse through our collection of sideboards and pick one for yourself.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Sideboard and Bedside Cabinets

You believe it or not, there are several things that you need to consider while making a final decision of buying sideboards and bedside cabinets. Let us see few factors that you should consider:

Height: Look for the height of the sideboard and bedside table that suits your requirements best. Majority prefer to have the height of the bedside cabinet to be of the same level as the mattress. To give a modern and sleek look to your room, you must not go for a high sideboard for practical reasons.

Width: Not just height, in fact the width of the sideboards and cabinets are important to be considered. If you are short of space, then narrow sideboards and cabinets are ideal options. Just make sure that it provides enough space to keep a lamp, book, or your drink.

Design: If you are in search of a personalized design of sideboards and bedside cabinets, you can rely on My Italian Living for customization. We make sure to create stylish furniture pieces for your storage requirements. Moreover, as per your choice you can configure and design chest of drawers and you can also check out for different designs of sideboards available with us.


The interior designers at My Italian Living will assist you in the best possible way to select the perfect and modern sideboard and bedside cabinets. Apart from suggesting different kinds of woods like walnut and oak, they will also suggest you different colors as per your choice and liking. Yes, you will have a classic and contemporary look of your bedroom.

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