My Italian Living: Your tunnel to a Well-furnished House

My Italian Living: Your tunnel to a Well-furnished House

A great man once penned, "A house can be built everyday but a home can be built only once." My Italian Living aims to follow through with this motto, hence, successfully aiding people in completing their forever home. When it comes to furniture, we don't like to compromise with perfection. If you are on a journey to find the right company to bear the weight of your expectations - you found us! Look no further and get in touch with our officials today!

Even if we are sure of the aesthetic we wish to go for, selecting furniture is painful when we don't have the right idea of the effectiveness and visibility factor. So, here we will present you with some of the factors to pay attention to when purchasing an extendable console dining table:

  • Mechanism: Extendable tables are something that needs a lot of precision while coming into existence. You should always consider its simplicity in opening the tables. You wouldn't want to spend the whole afternoon for this mere task, do you?
  • Quality: This is something that should not be compromised at all. If you want your money's worth and durability of the item, the quality of the furniture is very important. Check them out with precision and surely you will get the best Italian designer furniture here.
  • Price: High priced doesn't mean the value is just as great. Normally, it is better to set a budget before you plan on making such purchases. It helps you to keep a track on your expenses and avoid overspending. Do not always make up your mind for a pricey furniture.
  • Height: Before considering the furniture and finalizing the deal for the dining table, keep in check who all are going to use it. The heights and the length of the table would be customized according to that. Whether you have a joint family or a nuclear family, you can make your purchase accordingly.
  • Material: This will decide what kind of aura you want to go for in your living space. There are different materials available to choose from. It could be glass, wood, marble top, etc. Choose the one most suitable for you.
  • Size: This thing should be determined very precisely. A little misjudgment could cause unnecessary traffic in the space. Don't want to give the messy vibe to the room, right?

The above are some very important factors that will help you make the purchase in an efficient manner. Obviously we have the team at My Italian Living to accompany you with making the right decision as well. 


At My Italian Living, catering to our client's needs is the priority and if the reviews and ratings are of any evidence, we sure do it right. For any more information on various styles, shapes and designs of Italian designer furniture for your house decor, our website is the perfect place for you. Keeping in mind the points above, we feel that you will be fully equipped to embark on the perfect house tour!

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