Open Storage Or Closed Storage? Which Is Better?

Open Storage Or Closed Storage? Which Is Better?

Many interior designers are debating whether to go with open shelves or closed cabinets. While an elegant, sophisticated display can be created with open shelving, it takes organization to keep it looking decent. On the other hand, cabinets are a good choice if you tend to accumulate clutter because they offer a hidden storage sanctuary that is out of sight. This blog from My Italian Living would assist you in choosing which option is better for you if you are undecided between the two.

Open storage

Modern homes these days are all the vogue with open shelving. However, it necessitate precise organizing and curation because it is an exposed storage system.

Our modern bookcase Abaco by Tonin Casa is a right example of open storage that is a go-to option for book lovers who like to display their collections. Both daily-use goods and beautiful curios are good candidates for the system. Keeping your everyday necessities close at hand makes excellent ergonomic sense in the first scenario. Additionally, you are spared the headache of keeping up a separate cleaning schedule because these things go through a regular use-and-wash cycle. However, since decorative items are rarely used in furniture like open-shelf TV units, you might need to maintain a cleaning and dusting routine as you would with any other display surface.


  • Make a pleasant showcase for lovely showpieces or relics and exudes a chic, trendy air.
  • Able to fit well with any style of décor, from traditional to eclectic to minimalist.
  • Does not need a lot of actual areas, which makes it perfect for cramped, dark spaces.
  • Enable simple access to and memory of daily-use goods.
  • This system can increase luminosity and give the impression that your area is larger because there are fewer doors to block light.

Tip: Choosing a mix of open shelving and cabinets like the Senape wall-mounted modern TV unit by Santa Lucia with a spacious bookcase may hide ugly objects behind closed doors and just show off the best pieces of your collection.


  • Create an unpleasant visual presentation of things like outdated toys, mismatched décor pieces, newspapers, wires/cables, or other necessities of daily life because they are visible to everyone.
  • Along the same line, if you are not naturally organized, open shelves are not the ideal choice (an open display of multiple things can hamper your aesthetic rather than augment it).
  • Exposure will necessitate routine upkeep and cleaning of the objects, for example, the above-mentioned modern bookcase would need regular cleaning of books and shelves.

Closed-door storage

Standard cabinets with/without shelves provide privacy in your living area and let you keep some junk out of sight. For example a Slim 88' modern TV/media unit composition for the living room by Dall ‘Agnese furniture at our store has flap units that provide closed storage predominately.


  • Give off a polished and collected style while offering enough storage.
  • From conventional to contemporary, minimalist to eclectic, hardware like pulls and knobs can be customized to fit various tastes and styles.
  • It gives room to be cluttered and disorderly.


  • Reduce both light and space, giving the impression that it is smaller.
  • Cabinets, which are closed storage options, limit your ability to express yourself as fully as open shelving can.

 Final thoughts

It is up to each individual to decide which type of storage is more important at their respective locations: open or closed. We have furniture in My Italian Living in both closed and open storage, as well as in combination. Before making a final purchase, consider your permutations and combinations. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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