Simple Tricks To Pick The Right Extendable Dining Table

Simple Tricks To Pick The Right Extendable Dining Table

The dining room table serves as both the focal point of gatherings and the place where families congregate to spend quality time together after a long day. Our Italian style console table can accommodate a range of gatherings, from small nuclear families to huge parties of family and friends - especially when these tables allow you the versatility of size and form you require. 

There is little reason for hosting dinners, lunches, barbeques, holiday celebrations, and many other types of events when you can quickly and simply convert your table. 

It might be difficult, though, to pick the ideal contemporary dining furniture. How big should it be, and what shape should you choose? We will provide you with answers to all of these pertinent inquiries through this blog.

Think about the area

You must take into account the size of the room and the precise size within which the table would fit precisely when choosing the ideal dining table for your home. Will you use this table to host parties or will you mostly use it as a workstation when working from home? Make sure the table you choose has enough room for you to easily stroll around it. Consult a professional at My Italian Living about this because extendable tables might take up space when the extensions are raised.

Type of product You Want

What is important when selecting an extendable console dining table is how and when you will use it. Wood tables add a lot of warmth to your home, can be used every day, and do not readily reveal fingerprints or stains. Additionally, tables made of marble will enhance your home's interior design. You might even use glass, however, extendable glass dining tables require caution. 


You don't need to find space in a closet for them because the table you select from our contemporary dining furniture collection has a storage place within the table itself. Choose your dining table based on the customization options and storage solutions that work best for you.

Consider Extension flexibility

It is crucial to think about how big the table will need to be when extended while choosing your basic size and shape. For instance, choosing a small round table for two as your basic size won't work if you need to be able to accommodate up to fourteen people. Your desired number of extra parts must fit easily on each extension table. If going big, make sure your chosen Italian-style console table from our store has additional drop-down legs or center support legs to help support it.

Find correct Shape For A Dining Table

Rectangular tables, which can comfortably seat a big number of guests, are the most typical shape you would encounter. You can also easily stroll around it because of the design. 

But, keep in mind that regular rectangular tables, when combined with chairs, could take up a lot of room, so extended variants are a better option. If you need a small seating arrangement for daily use, buy our extendable console dining table in a square or circle shape. Round dining tables are ideal for gatherings and throwing house parties because they let you make the most of your available space. With extensions, this type of table is simple to grow.

Final Thoughts.

Although dining tables are a crucial piece of our dining room furniture, selecting a little table that is insufficient for the space may be your only option. However, you can get your ideal dining table that expands at My Italian Living.
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