Tips For Designing Your Home Interior in A Contemporary Style

Tips For Designing Your Home Interior in A Contemporary Style

If you enjoy revamping your house even with small intricate changes then investing in the contemporary style of furniture designs is the appropriate decision for you. Contemporary style has its personality, full of innovation and contaminations from other styles. Anyone who desires original and thought-provoking decor in their home must our online furniture store, My Italian Living. Details are important in modern homes and must be carefully chosen. 

Follow some simple principles to stay true to your decisions and contemporary design.

In modern design, there are also guidelines for details. Follow this brief advice if you want to refurbish your home in a contemporary style while paying attention to detail.

  1. Light-colored chromatic contrasts

It is advised to use one or more bright furnishing components on basic light elements to generate striking color contrasts in a contemporary design environment. 'Basilio' solid ash wood dining table by Dall'Agnese with transparent glass legs in our contemporary dining furniture collection can enrich your living area wall with a bright abstract painting. This refined table will give your living room an exceptional hint of appeal and character.

The same is true when selecting a contemporary upholstered sofa with a great vibrant fabric, such as blue or green. To make a contrasting effect paint the wall in light colors.

Look at our Christopher sofa by LeComfort in blue color, which is placed against a light color wall and can offer a sense of well-being in your living area. 

  1. Wooden and natural stone accents

What about natural materials, which interior designers adore? Choose wood and natural stone for striking features in a room to stay true to the green vibe. A floor lamp with a natural wood stand, or a wall with stone décor, might offer a touch of individuality to your home. The Still marble Italian style console table with Canaletto walnut base by Tonin Casa at our online store is an example of the most elegant and noble workmanship that a design form can have, giving an unmistakable style to any space.

  1. Stunning glass and mirror accents

If you want a modern home, incorporate glass, and mirrors. When you use these materials, simplicity transforms into refinement, resulting in a sophisticated and never-trivial environment. Make your home one-of-a-kind by adding mirrors and glass tops. You will be pleased that you incorporated some unique aspects into your interior design. For example, in our contemporary dining furniture collection, The Big Firenze fixed table by Tonin Casa is another striking illustration of the brand's elegance and attention to detail.

Why attention to detail is essential

Vast expanses, clean lines, and light colors are characteristics of contemporary style. When you go into a modern home, you immediately notice the minimum layout influence. This vital component, however, does not rule out the idea of adding a few ornamental things to the space you are renovating for instance add more colors to your contemporary upholstered sofa with cushions and pillows.


Details matter because they serve to characterize the surroundings and make them more personal. Choosing one material over another, a specific color or a wall decoration allows you to create and personalize your home. Don't forget to add details to your interior design project if you want to feel comfortable in the spaces you're renovating. You'll have the opportunity to put your stamp on the complete project of a great contemporary-style home. In case you need any help with redesigning your space, interior designers at My Italian Living are just to click away to extend their help.
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