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Benlemi Montessori Playground for Children

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The Children's Montessori Benlemi playground is an innovative space designed to foster holistic development in children through purposeful play and exploration. The playground is divided into distinct zones, each catering to specific developmental domains. One section focuses on sensorial experiences, boasting a variety of textures, colours, and shapes to stimulate children's senses and enhance their perceptual abilities. Here, kids engage in activities that refine their sensory perceptions, laying a strong foundation for further learning.

Moreover, the playground's outdoor space provides ample opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. An expansive play area equipped with climbing structures, swings, and slides encourages gross motor skill development while fostering a sense of adventure and risk-taking in a safe environment. These interactions encourage communication, empathy, and conflict resolution among children, laying the groundwork for healthy social development.
The set includes: Yupee rainbow swing, Piky rainbow pikler bridge with bridge and slide, Triangles balance set.

  • Technical Info:

    • Type: Montessori Playground
    • Material: Wood-based boards, beech logs
    • External Dimension: 84cm width x 41cm height x 45cm depth
    • Varnishing: 100% natural, anti-allergenic and ecological colours
    • Designed and manufactured by Benlemi
    • Delivery Time: 3 - 6 weeks

    Pikler's Piky Triangle:

    • Kit Material: Wood-based boards, beech logs
    • Triangle External Dimension: 84cm width x 60cm height x 85cm depth
    • Ramp Size: 124cm width x 5.4cm height x 37cm depth
    • Kit Varnishing: 100% natural, anti-allergenic and ecological colours
    • Kit Load Capacity: 40kg
    • Weight of Triangle: 5.2kg
    • Bridge Weight: 6.8kg

    Triangles Balance Set:

    • Set Material: Wood-based boards, beech logs
    • Small Triangle Size: 23cm width x 20cm height x 22cm depth
    • Large Triangle Size: 34cm width x 30cm height x 22cm depth
    • Set Ramp Size: 146cm length x 18cm width
    • Set Load Capacity: 40kg
    • Set Weight: 11.5kg

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