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Dice Storage Boxes From One to Six

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Enhancing both practicality and convenience, the Dice Storage Box Set features thoughtfully designed side handles for a better grip and easy handling. These sturdy handles not only add a functional aspect to the boxes but also make them effortlessly portable. Whether you're rearranging your space or carrying items from one room to another, the side handles ensure a secure and comfortable grip.

The incorporation of side handles in the design of these dice-inspired boxes reflects a commitment to user-friendly functionality. Enjoy the seamless combination of playful aesthetics and ergonomic design as you effortlessly integrate these boxes into your daily life. The Dice Storage Box Set with side handles is not only a stylish storage solution but also a practical and accessible addition to your home decor.
The set includes: Six natural Dice boxes with numbers 1-6 in the style of dice.

  • Technical Info:

    • Type: Storage Boxes
    • Weight: 23.4kg
    • Material: Plywood board made of birch wood
    • Load Capacity: 10kg
    • Mass: 3.90 - 3.93kg
    • Dimension: 33cm width x 33cm length x 37cm depth
    • Designed and manufactured by Benlemi
    • Delivery Time: 3 - 6 weeks

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