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Uluru House Bunk Bed 90x200cm with Storage Drawer

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The Uluru House bunk bed is a versatile and innovative piece of furniture that combines functionality with a playful design. Its unique structure incorporates the essence of a traditional bunk bed while infusing it with modern elements. The bed frames, crafted from sturdy materials, offer a safe and comfortable sleeping space for children or even young adults. What sets Uluru apart is its incorporation of storage solutions seamlessly integrated into the design. The clever utilisation of space includes built-in shelves, drawers, and compartments within the bunk bed's framework.

On the other hand, the Buddy storage drawer complements the functionality of the House bunk bed Uluru by offering additional storage capacity. Designed to fit perfectly underneath the bunk bed, the Buddy drawer maximises the utilisation of space that might otherwise go unused. Its sleek and practical design allows for easy access to stored items, making it an excellent solution for keeping the room tidy and clutter-free. With its ample storage capacity, the Buddy drawer serves as a versatile option for storing clothes, toys, bedding, or any other essentials, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing extension to the House bunk bed Uluru.

  • Technical Info:

    • Type: Bunk Bed
    • Material: 6cm wooden prisms and boards
    • Load Capacity:100kg/one bed
    • Drawer Bearing Capacity: 150kg
    • Drawer Height: 22cm
    • Internal Dimension: 90x200cm
    • External Dimension: 217cm length x 99cm width x 162cm height
    • Designed and manufactured by Benlemi
    • Delivery Time: 3 - 6 weeks

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