Wall-Mount TV Units

5 Reasons To Invest In Our Wall-Mount TV Units

Box TVs were long since supplanted by LED TVs, while wall-mounted media devices now play a significant part in giving the room a more contemporary and stylish appearance. There are numerous compelling arguments for choosing a mounted TV from My Italian living, don't hesitate any longer. TVs that are mounted on walls make better use of space and remove cable clutter from the floor. Children or animals roaming about and accidentally tipping the TV over is not a concern. Find out which mounting option is ideal for your situation by weighing the advantages:

  1. Less clutter- Our wall-mounted modern TV units are a perfect complement to furniture if you want to create a minimalist look in your living area. By routing the cables via the cavities, you can give your area a neater appearance by removing visible clutter. Additionally, you would remove any slack or hung-up wires that would be an annoyance.
  1. Adds modern appeal to a house

If you are fashionable furniture to suit your taste in contemporary décor then wall-mounted TV units are undoubtedly a nice addition to the room. With its vibrant color schemes and fashionable furniture that adheres to the wall, wall-mount TV units from Dall 'Agnese furniture, like the slim 103 wall-mounted TV media unit, can be a trendsetter in your house.

  1. Saves space

A TV stand with a mount is ideal if you want to place the TV in your small bedroom or have a small living room. These are unquestionably the most space-saving Italian designer furniture to fit your TV cabinet in a small space. Along with providing a suitable area to store the TV, wall-mount TV stands also come with storage options. In summary, a TV wall mount with shelves and drawers doubles as functional furniture in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Various options to choose from

Our online store offers a variety of wall-mounted TV unit designs from which you can select, whether your preference is utilitarian or decorative. The Modulo Collection by Orme, for instance, is available at My Italian Living and may be customized to meet your needs. It is only one example of what can be done with the Modulo System; colors and finishes can be combined in any way you choose. To construct the composition that best meets your needs, you can add or remove cabinets, drawers, or open elements.

  1. Great to display decorative

It will also offer an area for you to decorate your whims if you bring in a TV wall mount with a shelf. The sides or even the bottom of many wall-mounted TV units are adorned with shelves. By adding shelves of various sizes, you can transform this Italian designer furniture into an organizer. The smaller shelves can be utilized to display decorations and showpieces, and the wider shelves can serve as the ideal bookshelf for you to fill with all of your favorite books. It makes wall-mounted TV stands the finest choice for adding a showcase to your living area. It may be easily decorated and serves as the centerpiece of your bedroom.


To offer your entertainment unit a dedicated space in the living room media units are a necessity. However, some people are hesitant to choose media TV units that attach to the wall. Some even assume that wall-mounted units won't be strong enough to support the weight of anything placed inside of them. Contrary to popular belief, you may get the most exclusive selection of media units from the top furniture producers by visiting My Italian Living, our online furniture store.

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