A Guide to Bookcase Selection for Modern Homes

A Guide to Bookcase Selection for Modern Homes

The era when books were the sole things on shelves has long since passed. You can show off your vast collection, sure, but with the proper piece, you can also make a fashion statement and highlight treasured artwork, picture frames, plants, and more. Puzzled about where to begin? Analyze your needs first and decide whether you need to store a sizable book collection, a few books with decorative accents, both, or just some empty space on the wall. It is time to go over important considerations for buying your new, multipurpose modern bookcases from our online store once you have assessed what you want.

Let us look at the process of selecting a bookcase for your house

  1. Dimensions

You need to consider the size of the bookcase before making your selection. Naturally big bookcases can accommodate more books, but they also take up more space. You should only devote a certain amount of room to bookcases. In the event that you find yourself with more books than you can fit in one, you may always get this bespoke piece of contemporary living room furniture from our store. Consider whether a particular bookcase will accommodate your books or not. Opt for deeper shelves for big size books.

  1. Extra Storage

Not only are books stored on bookcases. Few of the bookshelves offer additional storage for nearly everything else you may envision in your home. In tiny rooms, more storage becomes quite important. Some people enjoy turning modest living spaces—which frequently don't have much space—into libraries or offices. If that describes your residence, a bookcase from My Italian Living will offer storage and might be able to transform your home office into a useful reading space.

  1. Style and usability

A bookcase may store more than simply books.Our modern bookcases design from a range of high-end manufacturers produces wonderful accent pieces and also adds practicality to the space.. When choosing a one ensure it matches your home décor and serves the purpose. So, get something that will look well in your home and can contain a respectable number of books.

  1. Built-in or Freestanding Bookcase

Built-in shelving and standalone bookshelves are the two main types of bookcases that are prevalent these days. The single units makes its own sense. They are your typical bookshelves, which typically stand against a wall or in a corner. For folks with limited space or for those who are remodeling a home, our built-in bookcases are fantastic contemporary living room furniture. Built-in cabinets can be hung on the wall or recessed into the wall. The room in question and the amount of money you are ready to spend on a bookshelf are the main factors in deciding between the two styles.

  1. Display or concealed

To conceal any extra clutter or objects you don't want on show, think about getting a bookcase with doors and/or drawers. It provide an extra layer of security by keeping the contents hidden and clean. The more typical type of bookshelf that both shows and stores your belongings are an open bookcase. A display bookshelf is perfect for you, if you have cherished souvenirs, photos, or artwork.

Takeaway notes

Your bookshelf and home furnishings, in particular, have a big impression. It not only establishes the atmosphere for your visitors, but also for your time at home. You want your home's design to represent your own unique aesthetic. At My Italian Living, we are committed to offering you the most cutting-edge furniture, interior design, and other products. The best concepts from the most creative brains are collected by our shop and packaged neatly.

Reach out to us for any help regarding the purchase of the furniture and we would extend our help in the best possible manner we can. 

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