Check Out the Latest Hinged Door Wardrobe from My Italian Living

Check Out the Latest Hinged Door Wardrobe from My Italian Living

If you’re hunting for the best company that sells the best wardrobe, then look no more and stop at My Italian Living. Here, you can check out several wardrobes such as wooden, matt finished, and gloss finish wardrobes.

The best aspect of a hinged door wardrobe is that you can easily open and close it without any problem, and there is no fear of the door jamming in between. These wardrobes come in perfect size per your demands and can easily meet your needs.

Today we have explored a few of the best-hinged door wardrobes from our collection. These wardrobes are like a blank canvas as you can divide which accessory you need to install. You can add a trouser pull-out rack, mirrors on the wardrobes, or multiple drawers that add more storage to the wardrobe.

1- Emotion Up wardrobe with arco door
Want to give your transitional and traditional space a contemporary and clean finish? The wardrobe from Emotion up is the one you want to buy. This arco door wardrobe opens up plenty of space for storage and apparel for men and women.

You can easily store your clothes because you can either hang or fold your clothes with these wardrobes. You also get shelves where you can store your shoes in an orderly manner.

It would take up to 4 weeks to complete manufacturing the wood and matt finish wardrobe, whereas it would take around five weeks for floss and gloss finish wardrobe. The wardrobe will be delivered within 1-2 weeks after manufacturing.

2- Emotion Up wardrobe with sprint plus door
Give your bedroom the classy yet ultra-modern look by installing the Emotion Up wardrobe with sprint plus doors. Open the hinged doors and see how spacious it is. Its minimal detail will give it a contemporary appearance.

It has cubbies, shelves and drawers that can be filled with your jewellery and important documents. You can also safely store your tie and belt on the extractable rack. You can choose from either a burnished metal handle or a hard leather handle.

3- Emotion Up wardrobe with tecno door
Most wardrobes only have space for your clothes, accessories, shoes, and drawers to store important documents. How would you like to install a wardrobe that can accommodate your loved photo frames and books?

This is what the Emotion up with tecno door wardrobe brings to the table. You get dedicated space in the middle of the wardrobe to place your favourite family photos, books and other showpieces.

You can easily access your ties and belts because they are placed on an extractable rack. The drawers are available in several sizes, and you get to choose from endless variations of these wardrobes.

4- Emotion Up wardrobe with simply door
The Emotion Up wardrobe with a simple door has plain and elegant white doors and traditional wooden handles. These doors are the perfect blend of modern minimalism and the charm of lighter colours in the bedroom.

The doors are easy to open, allowing the users to reach out to the nearest clothing apparel or accessory easily. It has plenty of space to place your belongings and adequate drawers to iron and fold your clothes properly.

You can also browse through the tie and belt rack. There is a special case that safely protects your watches and jewellery. This is the perfect example that this wardrobe has it all. This wardrobe is available in several colours, and it will be manufactured within 4-5 weeks and delivered within two weeks after manufacture.

Shop for these and other amazing wardrobes at budget prices from My Italian Living.
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