Few Tips on Buying Pet-Friendly Furniture for Home

Few Tips on Buying Pet-Friendly Furniture for Home

The difficulty of keeping nice-looking furniture when you have furry pals running around the home is something that every pet owner will agree on. For instance, pet hair frequently becomes ingrained in the fabric of everything from the couches to the cushions, and the furniture is frequently harmed. Since your pets are a part of the family, you cannot shut them in a room to prevent them from causing damage to your furniture is an inevitable situation. Good news- it is still possible to have dogs and a fashionable lifestyle nowadays with our Italian designer furniture

Investing in pet-friendly furniture for your house is the greatest approach to overcoming these pet obstacles and maintaining your furniture in good condition. Here is a simple guide to buying furniture from My Italian Living that can coexist with your pet to aid in your decision-making.

Pick Fabric Carefully

The upholstery you choose when purchasing couches and sofas from our contemporary living room furniture has a significant impact on how well maintained your furniture will be in the future. Fabrics made of wool and velvet should be avoided since they tend to collect hair and your pet's fur, making them difficult to clean.

Any tightly woven fabric, including microfiber, is a wonderful choice for pet-friendly clothing. They do not get scratched, and a lint brush makes getting the hair off simple. Pet-friendly material leather repels hair, takes minor scratches well, and doesn't collect stains.

Purchase durable furniture

If you have pets, you should steer clear of soft furniture pieces like loveseats and couches because they are quite cozy and invite unintended harm from your animals.

Consider selecting straight-lined furniture, such as our recliners and designer bar stools rather than loosely formed items. These furnishings are strong and long lasting and not comfortable for a pet’s long stay.

Pick a color and print wisely

When looking for pet-friendly furniture, the color and print is equally as significant as the fabric. If your pet has white fur, go with a white-toned fabric to hide the hair, if it has black or gray fur, go with a dark-toned fabric.

Numerous canines, like beagles or German shepherds, have tricolored coats. In such cases, choose the printed fabric of Italian designer furniture from our store that has medium tones of grey with undertones of charcoal, brown, and black.

Select furniture with metal legs

Look for furniture with metal legs if your pet dog or cat likes to chew things. They won't be able to chew on the table legs anymore. Replace the wood legs on your couch or coffee table if they are already there. Various Italian designer furniture companies listed in our store produce furniture in sleek and fashionable styles. A few stylish variations in brushed brass and chrome are available at My Italian Living store.

Takeaway words

Even though you have dogs in your home, you also value style. Instead of removing them from the living room or chastising a Furry friend for curling up in a sofa corner, think about all the practical yet fashionable contemporary living room furniture options available with us for busy families just like yours. Consider how to arrange pet-friendly furniture, as well as its material, color, and construction, before making your final choices. The conflict between your pet and furniture can get resolved by purchasing pet-friendly furniture like our designer bar stools. To select products that are perfect to handle the obstacles of owning a pet, use this guidance anytime to make purchases for your home.

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