Select the Best Dining Tables and Chairs for Your Living Room

Select the Best Dining Tables and Chairs for Your Living Room

It is without a doubt understood that a dining table plays a very crucial role in making the living room feel like the centre of the house. It does this with perfection because the dining table is where everyone gathers around three times a day to enjoy the meal.

It comes in second, followed by the kitchen that attracts the heaviest traffic in the house. It is a place to eat, make conversations, take a breath and an area to bring together your whole life in a single place.

The dining tables you can buy nowadays do not just fulfil the role of gathering the entire family. They boost the curb appeal and improve the visual appearance of the living room. It is achieved because they are available in several sizes, shapes and specifications.

Today we will also be going through some unique dining table designs that brighten up the space and would be the perfect addition to your living room.

1- Zoe round dining table
If you’re searching for a modern, captivating design dining table with triangular-shaped legs that draws X, then this table is the right choice for you. This design allows the owner to easily slide the chair inside and towards the middle of the table.

This fixed type of dining table can be extended and is 100% made in Italy. You can choose from several frame finishes such as anthracite mud, smoke black, smoke, hemp, sage, bronze, etc. Like the frame finishes, there are several top finishes like oak dark knitted oak natural knitted, oak calm concrete dark, etc.

2- Silver dining table
Once you see the silver dining table, it is sure to arouse a few emotions around the table. At first glance, you can feel the table is elegant, classy and majestic. Some find its base in unusual taste, but its base frame is the highlight of the table.

The table has two base frames at the centre, and the top can be extended to seat up to 12 people. This allows the owners to move freely around the table, and they can put the chair inwards without any worries.

3- Origami dining table
As the name suggests, the origami dining table is a unique table that closely resembles an origami. The main highlight is its central legs, an important design element that makes up for the perfect setup in an unconventional environment.

This table can also be extended, and these extensions are placed on the guides. If you want to extend, you need to slide the rail outwards and raise the extensions a bit. You can add more people to the table with these extensions.

4- Victoria eco-leather dining chairs
This is the perfect chair that showcases style and best designs with ease. This chair has modern lines that encompass a high backrest. This chair is mostly preferred by people who have some back issues, as it offers more comfort than other chairs.

5- Chicco upholstered chair
This eco-leather fabric chair is the ideal definition of which types of dining chairs you should buy. It offers clean lines and a refined design that will make you fall in love with the chair from the moment you sit on it.

You can customise these chairs, use leather fabric, and ensure that the chair is made with the best quality materials. You can also pick numerous finishes such as white plaster, some black, etc.

Parting words
The dining table and the chairs you use can alter the look of your home. It has the potential to add elegance, sophistication and style to your house. So, check out other dining tables and chairs at budget prices from My Italian Living.
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