Shop for the Latest Types of Furniture from Target Point at My Italian Living

Shop for the Latest Types of Furniture from Target Point at My Italian Living

There is no denying that one of the best dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, extended tables, sideboards, beds, etc., are manufactured by Target. Their work is phenomenal and appreciated because they have consistently delivered the best furniture for everyone.

The furniture from Target is appreciated by everyone, regardless of where you used to buy your furniture. It is a genuine furniture manufacturing company from Italy that has been operating for the last fifteen years with thousands of satisfied customers.

Today we have jotted down a few of the best furniture you can buy from Target company, at affordable prices from My Italian Living.

1- Escape console table in glass
You can buy the transparent curved glass console table from Escape in three finishes; desert, beaver, and country. This is the perfect console table that can be placed in the hallway because of its elegant style, contemporary design and exceptional finish.

The glasses used are transparent and toughened glass, so you need not worry about accidentally breaking the glass. You can also get an optional mirror that adds more depth to the room, making the place look bigger.

2- Tritone extendable table
Tritone extendable table is another great table that Target has launched. The table is connected to two different plates. These plates protect the plates from occasional wear and tear. You can also spot a couple of these tables in several offices.

The table is resistant to harsh climates like cold, heat, humidity, stress and scratches. The most commonly brought finishes are ice grey, Corda and graphite. Adding these colours to the room makes it look classy and professional.

3- Olimpia armchair
People who prefer retro-styled chairs or love vintage items would surely love the Olimpia armchair. This chair is made from soft velvet microfiber that lasts long and brightens up the entire room.

If you’re looking for a chair to place near your coffee table or bookcase, then this is the comfy chair you must opt for. Order it, and the chair will be delivered to your house within four weeks.

4- Minerva sideboard
Minerva sideboard is a two hinged door that has three main drawers. These drawers are spacious and can be utilised to store all your important documents and items. You can also utilise this area to place some showpieces such as plants or be used as your workstation.

The two doors on the side are made from oxidised porphyry, and the middle drawers have wood effects that enhance the beauty of the sideboard. This creates an interesting and conflicting pattern.

5- Denver stool
Gone are the days when stools were only used in bars and hotels. Nowadays, people use stools in their homes, and some also add stools to their patio furniture. These Denver stools will add more comfort, versatility and style to the room it is placed in.

You can order a minimum of 2 stools, and these stools are made from soft velvet and eco-leather. You can choose from blue, hazelnut, and light blue colour in soft velvet, and vintage graphite, vintage ice from eco-leather finishes.

6- Orbital coffee table
The orbital coffee table is the best addition to your small space, such as studio apartments or small apartments that adds more value to it.

You will be amazed by the design of this coffee table because one moment it is a simple coffee table, turn it to another side, and it becomes an extended coffee table that can accommodate around three people. The top is made from porcelain stoneware, and the legs are painted metal structure.

Wrapping up
These were some of the best items sold by Target at budget rates. You can shop for these items and get them delivered to your house quickly by ordering from My Italian Living.
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