Wall-Mounted or Freestanding- Which TV Unit Is Better?

Wall-Mounted or Freestanding- Which TV Unit Is Better?

The location of your TV unit will be a key decision if you love watching movies, late-night shows, or your favorite sport on a big screen in your living room. TV serves as a focal point to bring a family together while binging on your favorite web series. While TV stands were formerly the most common way to show a TV, wall-mounted TVs with modern TV unit designs are becoming more common because of their appealing design and ability to save space.

Through this blog, select the best contemporary living room furniture to display your TV, as per your style and space.

  1. Freestanding 

The designs of freestanding units have improved over time, becoming more fashionable and practical while also being simple to install. It can be coupled with floating cabinets or shelves to maximize both wall and floor space while also serving as a storage unit. Our contemporary modern TV stands include a variety of features and designs, can be constructed of various materials, and provide storage space.

  1. Wall Mounted 

A wall-mounted TV unit is placed against a wall in your home's most practical location, taking up no floor space. It provides a clean design for your entertainment center and is a go-to solution for spaces with little space. At My Italian Living TV wall unit mounts come in a variety of styles and features, pick the one that best fits your TV setup.

Pros & Cons of a freestanding unit


  • It is simpler to reach ports at the back of the TV when it is kept at a fair distance from the wall. When necessary, you may also quickly and easily move your TV; this is useful for a variety of reasons, including cleaning, adjusting the viewing angle, or moving the TV to a different room.


  • If you are looking for contemporary living room furniture for a small space, a freestanding TV unit is not for you as it occupies a lot of floor space. The base of the unit must be broad enough to accommodate the TV, which takes up a lot of space and make your room appear small.


  • The TV on freestanding stands is a no-no if you have pets and kids at home. A little push or stumble can damage the TV and can harm kids.


Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted TV Stand



  • Since the wall-mounted TV units are fixed on walls, there is no need for the bulky table to take up the floor space. Our modern TV unit designs have customization options with floating shelves and cabinets you can opt for. Since the TV gets mounted on walls in these designs, it is out of children's reach and gives a more spacious appearance to your living room.


  • With a wall-mounted contemporary modern TV stand, you may adjust the placement of your TV following the alignment of the room and furniture, for a better viewing experience. 


  • It is not only the ideal alternative for smaller rooms, but it is also a contemporary choice that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. The stylish TV wall unit in My Italian Living is the best option if you want your room to feel modern and chic. 


  • It takes more time and works to install, and it needs to be done precisely for it to be strong enough to support the weight of the TV console and wall mount.


You can choose the TV set from My Italian Living that best meets your demands because every one has a unique design and function. These advantages and disadvantages are just one determining element. However, you can browse our online store to select sizes, styles, and materials of your TV unit.

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