What To Consider Before Buying a Chest of Drawers for The Bedroom?

What To Consider Before Buying a Chest of Drawers for The Bedroom?

If space is not an issue, one huge set of drawers for the bedroom can be a good idea. Nevertheless, depending on the number of users and the anticipated contents, taking into account the additional configuration advantages that two or three small separate units may provide can be advantageous. A good place to start is with our modern tallboys. These streamlined storage options are ideal for organizing clutter on a budget without taking up any additional space on your floor. They are slim, narrow, and obviously tall. You won't ever have to be concerned about limited location again because their heights vastly exceed their combined depths and widths.

Even though tallboys are the best when it comes to saving space, there are many other aspects and features to take into account before making a purchase. Let us have a look at them:

  • Height:

Unexpectedly, in My Italian Living tallboy chest of drawers come in a wide range of heights, especially when modular elements allow for the stacking of many sections. Comfort and accessibility are the two considerations in this situation. When putting things away and pulling things out of your drawer, make sure you can reach everything.

  • Capacity:

Determine the capacity of the storage space you require after you are aware of the available space. Be sure to double-check the dimensions before making your order because at our online designer furniture store contemporary bedroom furniture comes in a broad variety of shapes and sizes. Consider whether you'll just need a few wardrobe staples to store or whether you'll need much deeper drawers to store everything from purses to bedding and blankets.

  • Drawer size and quantity:

Take into account the number of drawers you want in your tallboy unit, available at our online store. Roughly estimate the size of the objects to be stored in the drawers and the size of the drawers that would permit simple access. At the My Italian Living store, customers can get personalized the number, sizes, and depths of the drawers to suit their needs. Our Tallboy drawers come in a variety of designs and are available in five, six, or seven drawers with varying depths and sizes to accommodate the wide range of uses they can be put to. You can even have a look at our circular tallboy unit for your modern bedroom that comes with spacious drawers.

  • Adorns:

There are numerous finishing touches to a chest that may genuinely transform the look of your bedroom, like handles, knobs, mirrors, and grips. Your drawers can be opened in a variety of ways using simple circular metal knobs, lengthy bars, rope pulls, and hidden handles. Consider coordinating these accessories with the bedside cabinet and closet hardware to give your modern tallboys a tidy and well-balanced aesthetic appearance. You may also mix and combine to develop your own distinctive style.

Takeaway notes

Particularly in a bedroom with built-in closets and little other furniture, a chic chest of drawers may provide a magnificent focal point. We offer a distinctive, stylish, and contemporary selection of tallboy drawer units in laminated wood, matte lacquer, and glossy lacquer finishes. The majority of our tallboys are part of a series of our contemporary bedroom furniture that also includes bedside tables and chests of drawers. Pick your preferred brand's design from our online store, and then have customization done in your preferred finish.

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