Which Is Better: Extendable or Regular Tables?

Which Is Better: Extendable or Regular Tables?

Every piece of furniture in our home has a story and purpose behind it. With the evolving styles and designs of furniture, the purchase decision stumbles a lot before reaching the click-to-buy button. There has always been a persistent dispute between those who like extendable tables and others who still favor standard tables, whether the topic is a dining table, coffee table, or side table. Although there is no right or wrong way to choose furniture, My Italian Living buying guide is here to help you by going over a list of factors that help you make an informed decision.


Modern furniture these days frequently has two functions in one, like beds with built-in storage. The extended table fits this description as well. In addition to serving its intended purpose, an extendable console table can also act as a dining table if necessary. Because of this, expandable tables are fantastic for rooms with limited space. These extendable tables can also serve as a side wall Italian-style console table before being extended, expanding their usefulness to include not just your dining area, but also your living room. As a result, our extendable table is the most purchased furniture for a smaller home with limited space.

Buying purpose 

Before choosing the ideal dining table for your house, it's crucial to consider its intended use because tables come in several sizes and designs at our store. You must buy the right size to accommodate your family's seating needs. An extendable dining table, however, might be useful if you frequently host friends or visitors because it ensures that you are always prepared. 

The shape of the table

The decision you make regarding the shape of the table ultimately comes down to whether round or rectangular tables occupy more room. A round table also has the advantage of allowing for more seating possibilities because everyone can see one another, and the atmosphere is cozier overall. However, by creating the appearance of a break in the floor plan for additional definition, a rectangular Italian-style console table can maximize a tiny living area.

Future needs

A normal table is the greatest option for accommodating more family members shortly if you have any future intentions to grow your family or just need more space. Our extendable console dining table, on the other hand, is perfect if you have plans to move to a different location in a few years because it takes up less room in the moving truck. It all comes down to your plan for the upcoming few years because tables are made to survive for decades.

Amount of Space Used

Our extendable furniture is the clear winner in terms of space efficiency because they take up less room initially and can be simply extended to accommodate more people as needed.

Price & design

Regardless, of whether they are round or rectangular, extendable console dining tables often cost more than ordinary tables despite being more space-efficient. Additionally, there are not as many alternatives for extendable tables as there are for ordinary tables, and your design choices may be very limited. Regular tables, on the other hand, are more adaptable in terms of design and more reasonably priced at our store.


Regular or extensible, every form of the table has advantages and disadvantages. You must make the purchasing decision by taking these considerations into account. Any style of table you choose can be found in My Italian Living store. Visit our store, peruse both varieties, and choose which you prefer. In case you have any queries, we are here to help you.

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