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Clockhouse Stool with Carbon Legs by Garden Trading - Oak & Beech

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The Clockhouse Stool is an essential addition to any home, boasting a unique curved seat that offers both style and functionality. Available in a variety of colour options, from Raw Oak to painted finishes, it effortlessly blends classic design with a contemporary edge. Its robust build ensures durability, making it an ideal choice for various spaces like hallways, children's playrooms, or bedrooms. With its carbon legs adding to its sturdy construction, this stool combines practicality with a touch of modern charm.

Designed to complement any interior, the Clockhouse Stool stands out with its distinctive curved seat and versatile colour range. Crafted with a mix of Raw Oak and painted finishes, it brings a contemporary flair to your living space while maintaining its sturdy build. Perfectly suited for placement in hallways, children's play areas, or bedrooms, its robustness ensures long-lasting use. The addition of carbon legs further enhances its stability, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking both style and functionality in their furniture.

Technical Info:

  • Type: Stool
  • Crafted in Raw Oak
  • Painted legs are Beech
  • For indoor use only
  • Fully-assembled
  • Dimensions: H44.7 x W45 x D30cm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Delivery time: 7-10 days depending on the location

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