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Emotion Up Wardrobe with Green Hinged Doors

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This wardrobe features Green hinged doors that encapsulate the allure of simplicity within a contemporary, fresh design. Drawing inspiration from the minimalist aesthetics of modern lines, the Green wardrobe provides a design answer that distinguishes itself with its enduring elegance. The handle is more than just a functional feature. Expertly integrated, it gracefully outlines the outer profile of the lower panel, establishing a flawless balance between form and function. You have the option to select from a range of finishes and colours to complement or personalise it.

Wardrobes with Wide Modularity

For the Green hinged door wardrobe, you have various modularity options with single or double doors, including corner modules or open compartments. Additionally, there are solutions tailored to the centimetre, which are consistently offered by Dallagnese.

Dall'Agnese Wardrobe Guide Prices:

To provide an estimate of the price range for the Dall'Agnese Green wardrobe, we've calculated the cost for the configuration with 4 hinged doors with a length of 2037mm and 2356mm high in a basic lacquered finish. Please note that this price covers the standard setup. The Emotion-up collection by Dall'Agnese can be customised to your specific needs and specifications.

Download the Collection catalogues, where you can find all the related Dall'Agnese products.





Technical Info:

- Type: Hinged Doors Wardrobe 

- Structure: Alabama walnut melamine textured finish

- Doors: Green grigio seta matt lacquered

- Side Panels: Grigio seta matt lacquered

- Handle: Canaletto walnut wood

- Manufacturing & Delivery: 7 weeks

Internal Accessories:

- Various internal accessories to meet your daily needs, from belts to ties, designed for careful storage.

- Storage/jewel case covered with fabric and supplied with a microfiber bottom panel.

- Extractable tie/belt rack.

- Internal drawers available in various widths, matching the sizes of wardrobe units. These are stackable to create endless variations and come with fronts in wood or grey transparent glass framed finish. - Vertical built-in lamp with a movement reading sensor.

- Outstanding modular versatility with standard carcass widths ranging from 425/478/600/875/981/1225/1425 (mm) and heights of 2228/2356/2580/1868 mm, allowing you to adapt to any space and niche.

- Carcass customisation is available, with the ability to adjust the height, width, and depth to fit any area for an additional charge.

- Structurally strong produced carcasses with tops, bases, and partitions at 25 mm thickness, while the shelves are 40 mm thick. Side panels have finished edges for a thickness of 22mm or 25mm (depending on the finish). The backs are 8mm thick.

- Surfaces in all finishes are easy to clean and treated for excellent resistance to abrasion and scratching.

- Three different types of openings: hinged, sliding, and flush-fitting sliding systems, all equipped with soft closing mechanisms.

- Three different walk-in wardrobe systems to choose from, offering a range of styles to suit any budget. - Our skilled team can provide onsite woodworking to create closets that fit perfectly around loft eaves or awkward spaces.

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