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Riflessi Lab

Luxury Extendable Console Table by Riflessi Lab

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The Luxury console table crafted by Riflessi Lab epitomises versatility and space-saving ingenuity, presenting a stylish console table that seamlessly transforms into a full-length dining table spanning 2 to 3 metres. Its sophisticated design features an exquisite oak wood top supported by elegantly scalloped steel legs. A distinctive attribute of this multifunctional table lies in its additional wooden extension leaves, conveniently stored in a dedicated storage bag.

The standard finishes include open-pore oak dyed in white, a subdued matt white lacquer, and thermally treated coke oak, each contributing to the table's aesthetic allure. Riflessi Lab goes beyond the ordinary by offering a spectrum of finishes upon request, such as cherrywood, grey, tobacco, natural, ash-grey, honey, walnut, and wengé. The true beauty of this console lies not only in its design and materials but also in the extensive customisation options and a rich palette of colours that Riflessi Lab extends to its discerning clientele.

The level of personalisation offered by Riflessi Lab adds a distinctive touch to each piece, allowing customers to tailor the console table to their specific preferences and interior design schemes. The ability to choose from an array of finishes, including the standard options and additional bespoke selections, ensures that the Luxury console table seamlessly integrates into diverse aesthetics and spaces. Riflessi Lab's commitment to providing a broad spectrum of colours reflects an understanding of the varied tastes and preferences of its clientele, making this console table not just a functional piece but also a personalised statement of luxury.

Available in various finishes, materials and sizes.

Technical Information:

  • Type: Extendable console with wooden top and shaped legs in chromed steel. Extension mechanism in anodised aluminium. Extensions in wood in the same colour. Bag for external extensions supplied
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Finishes: Tops in statuary white ceramic, grey Savoy stone, anthracite Savoy stone, glossy noir desir, glossy gold calacatta
  • Extensions in matt white or anthracite lacquered wood. The exclusive patented mechanism for the functioning of the central retractable legs (only for the extendable version L 3 mt.)
  • Standard Finishes: Oak p.a. tinted: white; matt white lacquer and heat-treated coke oak
  • Finishes on Request: Oak p.a. stained: cherry, grey, tobacco, natural, ash, honey, walnut, wenge
  • Dimensions:
    • L 500 W 900 mm
    • L 500 W 900 mm
    • L 500 W 900 mm, extendible to 2 metres or 3 metres
  • Price will change depending on sizes and finishes
  • The majority of tables by Riflessi Lab are customisable
  • Manufacturing & Delivery: 4 weeks for production + 10 days for delivery

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