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Naxos Sofa Bed by LeComfort

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Naxos by LeComfort is a sofa that can easily transform in a queen-size bed. It's also available in the armchair version that transforms in a single bed Naxos provides a firm and vigorous seat, which is truly a paragon in terms of space saving trends. It is also available as an individual armchair, which gently descending armrests, whose shapes shimmers in the face of the most diverse nuances of style. It offers a comfortable shelter from the toils of daytime, and at night it becomes a roomy bed for your guests.

Structure: Supporting frame structure in painted steel. Solid-wood pine structure with various thickness, remaining parts in Class E1 wood particleboard panels, details in hard or cellulose wood-base panels. Structure completely covered by Tecnoform.
Springing: The seat is supported by cross elastic belts of the bed base mechanism. Cushions
Padding: Back cushions made of non-deformable polyurethane foam with a density 18 kg/cbm covered by Tecnoform. Seat cushions made of non deformable polyurethane foam with a density 30 kg/cbm covered by tecnoform. Optional fireproof foam.
Upholstery: In fabric or texil completely removable (for additional and washing information please refer to the fabric label).
Feet: Black ABS feet.
Sofa bed Mechanism: Metal base is made of polished steel, painted with high resistance powder- based paints. The special characteristics of this patented mechanism allow the opening and closing of the sofa-bed in a single and simple movement, without the need to remove any seat and back cushions. Polyurethane foam mattress dens. 25 kg/cbm 17 cm heigh. Height referring to the center of the mattress and not to the edges. Backrest with storage for pillows. Optional fireprooof mattress.
Dimensions: Sofa bed available with armrest Round, Strong, Happy, Slim. Armchair bed with armrest slim. Armrest width Round 9 cm. Strong 19 cm. Happy 8 cm. Slim 7 cm. Seat sofa bed width 2-er 72 cm. 3-er 82 cm. 3-er maxi 92 cm. Armchair bed 93 cm. Height seat 52 cm. from ground. Depth seat 58 cm. Back structure height 75 cm. from ground. Height feet 8 cm.

Technical Info:

  • In the first picture W 198 x D 97-210 x H 88 - Fabric Bonnie 847.
  • In the second picture W 107 x D 97-210 x H 88 - Fabric Bonnie 611.
  • Height seat from the ground: 52 cm
  • Depth seat: 58 cm
  • Back structure height from the ground: 75 cm
  • Height feet: 8 cm
  • Round, Strong, Happy, and Slim are all options for sofa beds with armrests. 
  • Dimensions with armrest width Round 9 cm, Dimensions with Strong 19 cm, Dimensions with Happy 8 cm, Dimensions with Slim 7 cm.
  • Dimension: Seat sofa bed width 2-er 72 cm, 3-er 82 cm, 3-er maxi 92 cm and Armchair bed 93 cm.
  • The seat is supported by the bed base mechanism's cross elastic belts.
  • Tecnoform covers back cushions constructed of non-deformable polyurethane foam with a density of 18 kg/cm.
  • Seat Cushions are built of techno form-covered non-deformable polyurethane foam with a density of 30 kg/cm.
  • Fireproof foam is available as an option.
  • ABS feet in black.
  • ''Made to order''.
  • Manufacturing & Delivery: 8-10 weeks.




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