6 Fantastic Bookcase Decorating Ideas

6 Fantastic Bookcase Decorating Ideas

Bookcases have become essential in modern homes, as mentioned in our previous blog. So if you are looking for a modern bookcase for your home but are unsure how to style it, here are a few tips for you. Bookcases as the name suggest are not meant for books only and can be used in various ways.

Your bookshelf is more than just a place to store your prized possessions; it's also an interior design element that can help you personalize your home decor and express your style.

These few tips will be sure to get your creative juices flowing no matter what type of bookcase you have or your decor theme and style. 

  1. Change up the layout of your shelving

Not every shelf must be symmetrical or have the same arrangement of books. Some shelves can accommodate vertical arrangements of books and some can accommodate horizontal stacking. To add virtual spice, a piece of art, a picture frame, or a personal item can be used to separate books in different areas on the shelf. The Bamboo bookcase by Dall'Agnese furniture can assist you in creating the ideal modular bookshelf, made to measure to your specifications.

  1. Add items to personalize the bookshelf

You can personalize your bookshelf with picture frames, personalized bookends, and other personal, decorative items. Personal touches like knick-knacks, trip souvenirs, or fun garage sale finds can all help to make your bookshelf stand out.

  1. Use every space

Don't forget about the top and bottom shelves, which will make your bookshelf look nice and full. It is not necessary to have an equal number of books on each shelf, but spreading them out on the shelves will create bookcase livelier contemporary living room furniture.

  1. Determine focal points

Bookcases at My Italian Living have several focal points, and each shelf may have a favorite book or item. These could be larger reading books or art pieces. Think out of the box by placing some of the books facing outwards and in a similar way you can create a focal point by arranging key items that stand among the crowd of books.

  1. Consider the aesthetic of your home

If you prefer a minimalist design, you could have a bookcase with relatively open shelves. If you are a book hoarder, your shelves may be teeming with stacks of books of various shapes and sizes crammed into every available space. Determine how your bookcase will interact with the rest of your home, and then decorate accordingly. The Kyoto bookcase by Dall'Agnese furniture has a Japanese design that creates a unique and neat pattern in your home.

Tonin Casa's Castle bookcase, with its light, simple, and charming structure, is an ideal addition to any home. The metal plates divide the bookcase into several compartments, each depicting a house of cards and providing space to store your accessories.

  1. Add potted plants

You can add some succulents or potted plants to your Sintesi Bookcase by Tonin Casa to invigorate it with verdant life. This modern bookcase conquers its essential lines, which blend well with any kind of space, creating a refined and elegant atmosphere.

Upgrade your space with this contemporary living room furniture

A bookcase is not only decorative furniture, but it can also add value to any space by providing plenty of storage space. Visit My Italian Living online store to find the ideal bookcase for your home. There are many different styles of bookcases to choose from in our online furniture store. Shop our online store here.

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