A Guide To Choosing The Right Sideboard

A Guide To Choosing The Right Sideboard

All sideboards are not the same and different factors influence its buying decision. If you are looking for a sideboard on our 'My Italian Livingonline store then consider certain points in mind like the purpose of use (quantity of shelves/cabinets/drawers, length, and breadth), kinds (low or high, wall-mounted or freestanding), styles, placement, trends, material, and budget. Stay tuned to this blog for a basic understanding of different sideboards as per the design and style available with us that you can opt for:

1.Low vs. high sideboards

Low sideboards can be placed as a display platform and have easily accessible storage units. If optimizing storage space is the goal, high sideboards work best, as with more options for drawers and cabinets- alteration is simpler. While leaving the customization to our Italian designer furniture store, consider whether keeping the room clutter-free or storage is more important to you when deciding between the two.

2.Wall-mounted Sideboards vs. freestanding sideboards

However, a legless design may be the ideal sleek look for a modern room in the home, but wall-mounted sideboards or floating sideboards take more work and expertise to install!

However, wall-mounted sideboards are more aesthetically pleasing, and freestanding sideboards are simpler to install, people who like a more streamlined appearance might choose the latter. Nevertheless, without the need for a permanent wall, invest in our Dall’Agnese furniture collection if you are looking for a modular sideboard that can be utilized to divide or demarcate various sections.

3.Style Options for modern sideboards

Sideboards at our Italian designer furniture store come in all different types of finishes, including matt or glossy lacquered, ceramic, resin, and marble. A low sideboard with legs and a straightforward, streamlined design might look fantastic in a space decorated in the contemporary style. A modular sideboard made of glass and wood might include a variety of doors and glass shelves that instantly uplift the aesthetic of any area.

Our website offers a variety of possibilities, from discrete functional sideboards to design pieces that create a focal point in your surroundings, if your style is more contemporary. 

4.Purpose of buying a sideboard

The sideboards from designers like Dall’Agnese furniture is available in various designs and style on our website that may be put to use for several purposes depending upon your creativity and storage needs. It is not restricted to one area and can be incorporated into any area of your home be it a kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway, or a typical dining room.

5.Trends and options availability

Our Italian-style Sideboards today offer a wide range of solutions to match your current needs for storage, technology, and mobility, as spaces have grown more adaptable and versatile. Because the storage options may be specifically created to meet particular requirements, a custom sideboard might be an ideal option for complex settings. The appeal of our modern sideboards is their adaptability, which allows them to get customized to the consumer's will.

To conclude further...

It is worth noting that a sideboard is more than just a beautiful piece of furniture. Additionally, it should be really practical and beneficial. Sideboards available at our My Italian Living store have different functional features, so before you buy make time to write down a couple of notes on how you want to utilize them. If saving money is a priority for you, we provide high-quality furniture at prices that are competitive with the manufacturer's production rates.

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