Add These Luxury Mirrors to Give Life to Your Bathroom

Add These Luxury Mirrors to Give Life to Your Bathroom

Everyone loves a bathroom mirror, and what's not to like? Unlike people, mirrors will always tell you about anything stuck on your teeth and never hide it. Most importantly, they never judge you, and you can choose your mirror from an endless style of options.

For now, let's focus on the latter. There is no denying that the right mirror will increase the space of the place, bringing in more natural light and adding tons of designs to the wall.

These are a few aspects that enhance the beauty of the place that you can see after buying luxury mirrors in the UK. Today we will see a few luxury mirrors that give more life to the bathroom, also go through some tips to choose the best mirror and make the place aesthetically pleasing.

1- Folded corner mirror

This mirror not only gives you a viewing experience of everything in front of you, but you can also view the items on the sidewall of your bathroom. This makes the bathroom look very classy, sophisticated, and beautiful.

2- Two sinks and a single mirror

Just because you have two sinks doesn't necessarily mean you need to install two mirrors on it. Forget the symmetry and a single mirror from the start of the wall to the end.

Since you're adding a single mirror, you can also double the storage space with ease. You can design the background to be dark and use dark grey to highlight the person in front.

3- Window mirror

Do not be discouraged by the windows and not enough wall space on the wall. You can always hang a mirror on the wall above the sink for the best view.

You can also put-up curtains behind the window, making the view more visually intriguing. The curtains will ensure you get your privacy and it will also improve the style of the place.

4- Kid friendly sideways mirror

If you want to experiment with mirrors and design, you should always try sideways oval mirrors. This will make the wall look bigger and is the best choice for kids in your house.

Think about how adorable it will seem when your kid uses the sideways mirror while you're using the mirror above.

5- Hanging mirrors

These hanging mirrors have always been the one constant thing that many people have used in their bathrooms to make them more elegant. Having the hanging mirror helps you express your style and persona. It is also a fun and playful way to spice up the interior decor.

How to choose the best luxury mirrors in the UK?

You might not realise this, but the size and proportion of the mirror play a very crucial role in deciding the mirror for your bathroom. Apart from the budget, there are certain aspects that decade how the mirror will make the place more aesthetically pleasing.

If you're wondering what these aspects are, we will help you understand them in detail below.

1- Should you have big or small-sized mirrors?

Suppose your mirror is too big; it will dominate your space and detract the bathroom from being decorative. If the mirror is too small, it will lose its meaning. To create a symmetric mirror, remember that the vanity mirror should have the same width as the vanity.

2- Do not ignore the full-length mirror

Depending on the length of the bathroom, you can install a full-length mirror with ease. It makes the bathroom grand and elegant. Another great way to add beauty is to add wall-to-wall mirrors above the bathroom vanity.

3- Choose the best mirror frame

If the mirror is the size of the width of the vanity, you should choose a frameless mirror. However, if the mirror is shorter than the vanity, you can add frames to fill the negative space. The frame should match the existing decor of the bathroom.

Bottom line

You can choose from a wide range of luxury mirrors in the UK at the best prices from My Italian Living.

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