Few Tips On Styling A Console Table In Your Home Space

Few Tips On Styling A Console Table In Your Home Space

The question of how to style a console table is crucial because it is a conspicuous piece of furniture that can be found in a living room, dining room, or hallway. In family homes, a bare surface could prove to be a magnet for clutter, generating an undesirable sight while leaving its surface empty is a wasted opportunity to create a lovely tableau. To create an exquisite, enticing, and uniquely designed living area, My Italian Living designers have put up a list of console table styling suggestions.

Develop a unified appearance

For a unified design, think about using a theme for the items on our Italian-style console table. A large antiqued glass mirror dominates this space, and a variety of objects are carelessly yet purposefully arranged around it in a variety of natural tones. Pieces that don't follow the same pattern save the display from looking overdone and serve as a frame for it.

Keep it simple

Reducing the number of items on the console table may be the finest strategy for a modern interior design. If so, it is important to choose ornamental items that are large enough to appear thoughtful. While the artwork above on the wall can be the main attraction on the table, a simple bowl of flowers catches the eye.

Adopt a modern strategy.

On a console table- the symmetrical arrangement of properly sized lamps or planters is a safe bet, but choosing asymmetry is an intriguing and contemporary option. Sculpture, a statement lamp, and a vase of flowers can be grouped for a balanced but more modern effect on a piece of our Italian designer furniture

Use wallpaper to frame the exhibit wall.

Since small homes have limited dimensions and little architectural flair, dining and living rooms can be challenging areas to manage. To add color and texture that would enhance the room, you might put wallpaper on the wall. To add intensity and attention put a mirror on the wall behind our expandable console table.

Select a decorative them to amp up space

It makes perfect sense to choose accessories to decorate your console table with if your living/hallway/bedroom has a specific decorative motif, such as casual, contemporary, modern, or fusion.

Match the stylistic flair of the table

Consider taking inspiration from our table itself when considering how to arrange your Italian-style console table. The eccentric lamp, vases, and even the artwork repeat the legs of this pattern. For a coordinated appearance, select a picture frame above that mimics the color of the material used for the table.

Have fun with colors

To bring together a variety of attractive things and a floral arrangement, create a pleasant vignette on a My Italian living’s chosen console table using a pastel color scheme. White is added to keep the look refined and modern. Smaller decorative items should be placed together, while taller patterns will add the essential height to our piece of Italian designer furniture. If you include artwork, hang it near the table so that it appears to be a part of the whole. Try to co-relate the artwork with color.


Every area needs a focal point that serves as the overall design's fulcrum, such as a bed in the bedroom, and the TV in the living room. If your room is lacking a focal point, bring attention to your console with large sculptures or framed paintings. We believe you now fully understand the fundamentals of how to style a console table. Visit our store to buy the latest and trendy piece of an extendable console table, or fixed console table and try incorporating these ideas into your space while experimenting with your ideas.
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