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Fenice Stool by Compar

Обычная цена £688.50
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The Fenice stool embodies an eclectic essence, elevating the familiar comfort of its namesake armchair to new heights. Designed to offer versatile solutions for contemporary counters and kitchen islands, its ashwood structure forms a sturdy yet elegant base. Wrapped in a soft, bicoloured velvet fabric, this stool merges modern design with inviting cosiness.

The wooden legs are encased in a covered shell, accentuated by meticulously matched stitching, showcasing a seamless blend of style and functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Fenice stool presents a harmonious fusion of elements. Its wooden legs, enveloped in a covered shell, exude a sense of natural charm while maintaining a sleek, modern appeal.

The use of soft, bicoloured velvet fabric adds a touch of luxury to the stool's design, inviting relaxation and comfort. This thoughtful combination of materials and craftsmanship creates a sophisticated seating solution that effortlessly complements contemporary spaces, offering both aesthetic allure and practical functionality.

All the collection of stool by Compar is available in different sizes and finishes.
Technical Info:
  • Type: Stool
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Legs: W52, W53, W54, W57 and W60
  • Velvet Seat and Back: VL47, VL88, VL04 and VL07
  • Finishes in the picture:
    • Legs: Solid Wood Canaletto Ash W60
    • Seat: Velvet Lion VL05 Back: Velvet Taupe VL14
  • Dimensions: L 55 H 102 W 54 cm
  • ''Made to order''
  • Manufacturing & Delivery time: 6-7 weeks

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