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Japanese Style Tatami Wooden Double Bed

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Benlemi's Tatami Double Bed offers a serene sleep sanctuary tailored to your needs. Crafted meticulously from wood, this bed exudes the essence of traditional Japanese tatami design. Its distinguishing feature lies in the absence of a headboard, ensuring an uninterrupted, blissful rest. Not just aesthetically pleasing, this bed is robust, boasting a remarkable bearing capacity of up to 300kg, promising both style and durability for your tranquil nights.

For those seeking an unobstructed sleep experience, Benlemi's Double Bed Tatami stands as an exquisite choice. Its handcrafted wooden construction draws inspiration from the timeless elegance of traditional Japanese tatami, ensuring a space free from headboard distractions for optimal relaxation. Embrace your preferred aesthetic by selecting from two distinct styles: a seamless monochrome design or the charming interplay of varnished lengths complemented by natural solid wood legs.

  • Technical Info:

    • Type: Double Bed
    • Material: 6cm prisms and boards from spruce wood
    • Bearing Capacity: 300kg
    • Varnishing: 100% natural, anti-allergenic and ecological colours
    • Designed and manufactured by Benlemi
    • Delivery Time: 3 - 6 weeks

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