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Kid's 4in1 Multifunctional Learning Tower Shop with Chalkboard

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Introducing the Multifunctional Montessori Learning Tower Children's Shop 4in1 - an innovative, interactive platform designed to support young ones as they explore and learn. Tailored for children who stand independently, aged 18 months and beyond, this tower offers a unique set of features to enhance their developmental journey. One highlight is the built-in chalkboard, igniting creativity and providing a canvas for artistic expression.

This learning tower isn't just a piece of furniture - it's an educational tool. Through play and exploration, it nurtures motor skills, fostering a child's independence while cultivating their concentration and focus. Its multifunctional design adapts seamlessly to various activities, encouraging engagement and skill development in a safe, supportive environment. Crafted with attention to detail, this Montessori-inspired tower is an investment in your child's growth, combining fun and learning in a versatile 4in1 setup that evolves alongside their developmental milestones.

  • Technical Info:

    • Type: Montessori Learning Tower
    • Material: Beech log and plywood birch board
    • Load Capacity: Up to 50kg
    • Two Levels of Standing: Step at a height of 30cm or 45cm
    • Multifunctional Use: Adaptable learning tower, drawing board, sales booth,
    • Varnishing: 100% natural, anti-allergenic and ecological paints
    • Dimension: 45.5cm width x 90.8cm height x 40cm depth
    • Designed and manufactured by Benlemi
    • Delivery Time: 3 - 6 weeks

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