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Shape Side Coffee Table 0/230 by Pezzani

Обычная цена £669.50
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This exquisite coffee table boasts a sandblasted coloured steel structure that exudes contemporary sophistication. The round shape of the table is accentuated by a solidly crafted painted steel rod forming its base, supporting a striking glass or laminate top. The meticulous design showcases a seamless fusion of form and function, where every element is thoughtfully considered. The structure itself is a testament to precision, with a full sable-painted steel rod creating a robust yet visually captivating foundation.

The back of the table features etched glass adorned with tempered or laminated Ecological materials, elevating both its aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly ethos. The resulting piece is a modern masterpiece, harmonising sleek design with a profound attention to detail, and introducing a captivating interplay of dynamic geometric elements. This coffee table stands as a testament to modern design sensibilities, where the marriage of aesthetics and functionality takes centre stage. The attention to detail is a hallmark of its contemporary elegance, with the solid painted steel rod structure not only providing sturdy support but also contributing to a visually dynamic geometric interplay.

The choice of materials is a nod to both style and sustainability, with the tempered or laminated Ecological glass demonstrating a commitment to environmentally conscious design. The round shape of the table, combined with the sandblasted coloured steel, creates an inviting focal point that effortlessly integrates into modern living spaces. With its clean lines and thoughtful composition, this coffee table becomes a striking centrepiece, offering a perfect blend of form and finesse for those who appreciate the intersection of artistry and practicality.

Our expert designers can help you choose your perfect colour combination.
Technical Info:
  • Type: Coffee Table
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Floor Standing
  • Finishes: Each Part of the Composition is Available in the Standard Colour Matt Lacquered White, White Marble, Black, Black Sahara, White Flower, Black Flower, Carbon Black, Ardesia Grey, Cement, Natural Oak, Dove Grey, Blue, Marsala, Gold, Copper and Bronze
  • Dimensions: H 53 W 70 cm
  • ''Made to order''
  • Manufacturing & Delivery time: 5-6 weeks

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