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Tonin Casa

Style round dining Table by Tonin Casa

Обычная цена £4,221.00
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The Style is the peculiarity of this new and exclusive table. This exquisite piece stands as a singular creation, seamlessly amalgamating the intricate contours of its sumptuous base with the sophisticated design elements of the hammered glass, porcelain stoneware, and wooden table tops. The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the interwoven shapes that grace the foundation of this table, creating a visual harmony that transcends the ordinary.

The allure of the 'Style' table is not merely confined to its external beauty but extends to the meticulous attention to detail in its composition. The interplay of materials such as hammered glass, porcelain stoneware, and wood highlights the commitment to excellence in design. Each component contributes to the table's overall appeal, forming a cohesive and sophisticated whole. 'Style' is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a testament to the union of creativity and craftsmanship, showcasing the potential for functional art in contemporary design. 

This collection is available in various finishes, materials and sizes.

Due to the versatility of this dining table, it is impossible to price it all online. To find out how to create your own bespoke piece or to discuss the finishes in more detail, contact us directly or, call us on +44 20 7839 5456. Priced here is the Style round dining table L140 H75cm with base in stone Bronze finish and solid Walnut top.

Technical Info:

  • Type: Dining Table
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Base: Matt White 01 & Gold 85, Carbon Grey 10, Stone Bronze 83, Titanium 34 and Solid Walnut LM14
  • Guide Bar: Anodized Aluminum 32
  • Finish Available: Glass, Solid Wood, Wood, Irregular Wood, Marble and Ceramic
  • Finishes in the picture: Base: Carbon Grey & Stone Bronze Top: Symphonie, Choco Porcelain, Canaletto Walnut, Porcelain Stoneware Barrel Symphonie, Blue and Black Hammered Glass Rectangular, Macchiavecchia Matt Porcelain Shaped, Onyx Amber Porcelain Extendible, Canaletto Walnut Shaped, Canaletto Walnut Rectangular and Statuario Altissimo Porcelain Extendible
  • Dimensions (Fixed): L 200-300 H 75 W 100-120 cm
  • Dimensions (Extendable): L 160-300 H 75 W 90-110 cm
  • Dimensions (Round): L 140-160 H 75 cm
  • "Made to order"
  • Manufacturing & Delivery time: 8-9 weeks

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