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If you have the desire for gorgeous, durable and well-made furniture, then look no further than My Italian Living. We have some of the finest in Italian made furniture.

For decades it has been known that genuine Italian craftsmanship is some of the best in the world and there is a reason for this. Italian craftsmanship ensures that every detail is taken care of and with the use of carefully selected technologies, the furniture is made to last for years. Italy is famous for creating the perfect fusion of style and durability.

The furniture industry in Italy has been rapidly developing in the last 60 years. The experience gained during this period makes it possible for furniture manufacturers to produce only the finest in quality and strongest in durability. We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase from our 30+ quality Italian manufacturers, whilst also offering unbeatable prices. A few of our high quality brands are Dall'Agnese, Domingo Salotti, Imperial Line, Target Point, Sedit, Morassutti and many more.

Having built strong and lasting relationships with these vast amount suppliers, we can ensure we find the furnishings you're looking for.

Contact us today to begin to discuss how we can assist you in finding the perfect living space tailored to your individual needs.

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Our website showcases a glimpse of our vast selection from 100+ manufacturers. Can't spot it online? Contact us directly, and we'll connect you with the perfect product from our extensive range! #CustomSolutions #ExploreOurCatalog

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