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Code 1 modern small sideboard with open element by Dall'Agnese

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Introducing 'Code 1,' a petite and contemporary sideboard designed by Dall'Agnese, featuring a single hinged door or drawer seamlessly complemented by an open storage element. This chic sideboard is offered in a variety of options, including wood essence, a matte finish, or a glossy lacquered structure, allowing you to tailor it to your aesthetic preferences. Boasting a harmonious blend of form and function, 'Code 1' provides convenient storage with its well-crafted design, comprising one door, three drawers, and thoughtfully integrated open shelves.

Immerse yourself in the versatility of 'Code 1,' where style meets practicality. Whether you opt for the warmth of wood essence or the sleek allure of a lacquered finish, this sideboard effortlessly combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. With a single hinged door or drawer, three drawers, and strategically placed open shelves, 'Code 1' by Dall'Agnese exemplifies modern design, offering a compact solution for your storage needs in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

In picture 1: Knotted oak structure, Bruciato 0173 matt lacquered open unit, white matt lacquered drawers, and white 9003 painted metal base.

In picture 2: Structure and door in matt lacquered dark grey, open space shelves in matt lacquered Torches 104.

All Dall'Agnese furniture comes in different sizes and finishes. Contact our team for more information or for our best quotation.

Technical Info

  • High quality
  • Contemporary design
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Type: Sideboard
  • Structure: Wood particle board in matt or gloss lacquer
  • Dimensions: L 131.2 - H 51.1 - W 48 cm + foot 24 cm
  • External structure and open elements: Made of 15 mm th. panels. The structure of elements with doors or drawers is made of 20 mm th. panels, while fronts are 15 mm th.
  • Opening: Fronts are available only with push & pull opening
  • The finish of the inner elements is always matching the finish of the fronts
  • A finishing back panel is available for sideboards and storage units to be placed in the middle of the room
  • "Made to order item"
  • Delivery: 7 weeks

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