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Domi Hallway Unit Composition 2 by Birex

Normaalihinta £3,309.00
Normaalihinta £4,030.00 Myyntihinta £3,309.00
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Introducing the Domi Hallway Unit Composition 2 by Birex – an exquisite blend of functionality and aesthetics designed to elevate your entryway. This thoughtfully crafted ensemble features a sleek metal bench adorned with a generously cushioned seat in a variety of luxurious fabric options. Tucked beneath are two discreet drawers, providing the perfect solution for stowing away daily essentials. The crowning glory is an elegant ceramic marble top, available in a range of finishes, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

In addition to its practical elements, the Domi Hallway Unit boasts a vertically mounted tall mirror, creating a sense of openness and light within your space. Complementing this arrangement are two metal shelves equipped with LED lights, available in diverse sizes and finishes, to showcase your cherished decor items. Birex's commitment to simplicity is evident in the clean lines of the square tube-shaped elements and the slender Lama handles that outline doors and drawers.

  • Type: Hallway Unit
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Image Design
  • Floor Standing
  • This unit includes:
    • Floor-standing bench frame L 120 H 42.6 W 48
    • Shelf L 90 TH 1.8 W 48
    • Top L 75 TH 1.8 D 48
    • Base 1 drawer L 45 H 24 W 50
    • Gres top TH 0.6 W 50
    • Cushion for bench L 75 H 5 W 49
    • Metal shelf with backlighting L 128
    • Hanger Fungo Ø 5
    • Hanger Fungo Ø 10
    • Mirror filo lucido L 45 H 120 W 2 cm
  • In the first picture: Hallway Units in Black Stoneware St. Laurent, Stropiccio fabric colour 19, 644 Black Aluminum, and Beaver Oak ET2 finish
  • Priced here Domi composition 2in any melamine finish
  • Dimensions: L 120 H 208 W 50 cm
  • Manufacturing and Delivery time: 5-6 weeks

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