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Liberty House Toys

Kids Wooden Cat and Dog Toy Box by Liberty House Toys

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Cat and Dog Toy boxes are a smart and practical storage solution for your child's bedroom or playroom. Store costumes, toys, shoes and books, the choices are unlimited. Why not make tidying up a game with the aid of our friendly favourite pet characters - and help your children learn vital skills like tidying, sorting, and organising? After a good day of playing, our animal companions can help make cleaning up a pleasure. Try joining in on a cat and dog nursery rhyme and racing to see if you can have everything cleaned up before the rhyme ends. Everyone will no longer dread cleaning time.

Technical Info:

  • Type: Toy Box
  • For safety, the toy box lid and the retaining decorative rear panel have rounded corners
  • The toy box may be used as a seating area for your children - simply add some cushions and it becomes a lovely little cosy or reading nook
  • The cat and dog toy box features a protective lacquer finish that not only prevents scratches but also makes it simple to clean
  • The lid incorporates hand openings to allow little hands to lift the lid safely without the worry of catching fingers. More significantly, there is a safety hinge inside to prevent the lid from slamming shut on their small hands
  • Hand openings on either side of the toy box make it easy to carry from room to room
  • Ages: 3+ years
  • Dimensions: L 680 H 475 W 375 mm
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days depending on the location

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