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Scab Design

Stella Di Mare 5 Position Adjustable Back Foldable Sun Bed by Scab

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The Stella Di Mare sun lounger, crafted by Scab, epitomises outdoor comfort and convenience. Boasting a 5-position adjustable back, this foldable piece of furniture is designed to elevate your leisure experience in the garden, on the patio, or by the swimming pool. Available in the pristine hues of white and refreshing forest green, the sun lounger is not merely a stylish addition to your outdoor space but also a testament to durability.

Constructed from hardened resin plastic, it ensures longevity and resilience against varying weather conditions, making it a reliable companion that can be left outside without the need for extensive maintenance. In addition to its aesthetic appeal and robust build, the Stella di Mare sun lounger offers practicality at its finest. Its foldable design allows it to seamlessly collapse to one-fifth of its open size, facilitating easy storage and transportation.

This makes it an ideal chair for diverse settings, from the tranquillity of your home and garden to lively picnics, sun-soaked beaches, or adventurous camping trips. Whether you seek relaxation under the sun or a portable seating solution for various outdoor escapades, the Stella di Mare sun lounger emerges as a versatile and stylish choice.

Technical Info:
  • Type: Sun Lounger
  • 100% Designed and made in Italy
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Fully Reclining Backrest
  • 5 Positions Adjustable Back
  • Dimensions: W 77 H 103 D 194 cm
  • Structure: High Quality 100% Hardened Resin Plastic
  • Colours: White or Forest Green
  • Boxes: 1
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days

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