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Riflessi Lab

Farfalle Mirror by Riflessi Lab

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The Farfalle mirror, crafted by Riflessi Lab, stands as yet another delightful creation by the design studio, offering a whimsical touch to any living space. Drawing inspiration from the Italian word for butterflies, "Farfalle," the mirror embodies the grace and elegance associated with these delicate creatures. Comprising three mirrors of varying sizes, each delicately poised on adjustable metal supports, the Farfalle mirror provides an opportunity for creative expression.

The mirrors can be installed independently, allowing for diverse compositions that add movement and originality to a room. Infused with a romantic flair, this mirror appeals to those seeking a distinctive and unconventional element to enhance their living space. The Farfalle mirror not only serves as a functional piece but also doubles as a unique artistic statement. Its adaptable design allows individuals to experiment with different arrangements, fostering a dynamic and personalised aesthetic.

The adjustable metal supports not only contribute to the mirror's versatility but also ensure seamless integration into various interior styles. With its nod to nature through the butterfly motif, the Farfalle mirror by Riflessi Lab encapsulates a blend of artistry and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those with a penchant for the extraordinary in their home decor.

Riflessi Lab mirrors are available in various finishes.
Technical info:
  • Type: Set of 3 Mirrors with Adjustable Metal Support
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Cannot be sold as separate
  • Dimensions:
    • L 220 H 170 mm
    • L 380 H 290 mm
    • L 520 H 400 mm
  • Manufacturing & Delivery: 4 weeks for production + 10 days for delivery

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